Sleeping Arrangements

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Sleeping Arrangements

I've got a while to worry about this, but am wondering what you all do for sleeping arrangements within your families. Currently the girls share a room with single twin-size beds, and Cameron has his own room. If this baby is a boy, it makes sense to put him in Cameron's room, but if peanut is a girl, I'm worried that the girls' room is going to be too crowded. I could take the toy boxes out of there, but they don' t have a huge closet either. I am just wondering how you all do it? Thanks!

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We just bought a bigger house but since we have 10 kids and 5 bedrooms, they still have to share. Our solution was to give the master to our 3 boys and we still have a baby in our bedroom. That's one solution, let's hope for the convenience sake that peanut is a boy! Wink

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well, out three are all in one room right now. The older two are in toddler beds (for space) and the youngest is in a crib. We'll have to move sometime between when we have #4 and when s/he moves out of our room. Then I think we'll put them 2 and 2. Personally, I have no problem with boys and girls sharing a room for a while, especially when they're so young.

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We have our 2 older boys sharing a room. The baby sleeps in our bed. We have a 5 bedroom house but are only using 2 bedrooms. We can actually put 3 boys in the boys room as we have bunkbeds and a toddler bed in there. We might do that when DS1 is old enough to sleep on the top bunk and DS3 is big enough for a bed. I don'r have as big a family as many of you yet though. I love the fact that my boys share a room even though they don't have to.

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We have a 3 bedroom--currently my 2 boys share a room, my dd has her own room and baby boy still sleeps in our room. But he is quickly outgrowing his bassinet. So he will move into dd's room--but once he needs a bed bigger than a crib or we have another baby, we will be out of space. Though we do plan to move to a bigger house in the next 1-2 years. I think it is totally fine for boys and girls to share for quite a while.

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Our oldest 3 boys share a room downstairs--twin bunk beds and then another twin bed. The youngest 3 also share a room--double/twin bunk bed and right now DS #6 is still in the crib, but we will be putting a twin bed in. Toys are not in their rooms because #1-there simply isn't room and #2-I don't want them playing toys when they should be slepping. This little girl that is coming in September will get her own room. Sometimes bedtime can be a bit of a challenge with more than 1 kid in the room, but I personally think it is great for them to share. They learn how to share space and respect other's space and belongings. With the younger 3 boys we stagger bedtime by about 15-30 minutes, making sure the first is asleep before the next goes in. We try that with the older boys, but they will wait up for each other....drives me crazy at times, but they enjoy playing and talking and go to sleep when they are tired. It works.

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Thanks for all the responses. We do have an extra room downstairs that will eventually be the older two girls' room, but they're not old enough to be down there by themselves yet. Maybe we can put all of their toys down there and then if need be, three girls can share a room. I've got time to figure it out, but it helps to know what some of you all do with your families Smile

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Holly, having a separate playroom is awesome. We have ours in our finished basement and, as I type, my older boys are down there playing happily together. Biggrin

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Holly, having a separate playroom is awesome. We have ours in our finished basement

This is how ours is set up as it!

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For a long time I had 4 boys in one room... It worked well, they loved it. I tend to think as parents we worry too much about these things. Try not to let it all bother you too much hun... Just go with the flow and see where they all end up. I tried separating mine for years and they would never sleep, in the end I would often end up with all of the kids in one room, it was ridiculous!

I've finally managed to split them up but I can't say they're very happy about it. I've now got the two older boys in one room, the two girls in another and the three younger boys in another... They don't love it, and I frequently get upstairs at night and find they've all snuck into one room again. If it wasn't so frowned upon by today's society I'd let them all have the one room together and make the others into rooms for play and study... Your kids will let you know how best to work it out.

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Right now the girls share, Josiah has his own room and Isaiah is in our room. The boys will share eventually but right now the baby still wakes at night and Josiah's a light sleeper so we're waiting. Our girls room is big enough where I would have been able to put another in there too, the boys room is much smaller and will barely hold anything other than a bunk bed once we get to that lol. We're also moving in the next few years and even then, I plan that our kids will always share rooms

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We have 4 right now. What we have done is we have 5 bedrooms, one is a toy room for all toys, one is the boys' rooms and they sleep on a king size bed, and one is a guest room, and one is empty lol. The baby sleeps in her crib in the Master. My kids aren't willing to sleep in their own rooms. So..if this one is a boy I guess we'll get two bunk beds some time down the road and if a girl then it's perfect for our girl she'll have a little sister near her age and they'll share a room. Then we have a king size bed ourselves because the others at any given time just come piling into our bed.. so that's our story.

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We have a 6 bedroom home, but 1 room is used as our office and 1 is used as a guest room. We have our 2 oldest girls in a room downstairs, and DS is in a room across from them downstairs. The 2 little girls are upstairs. I've been debating on what to do when the baby comes--s/he will be in our room for the first while, then in to the crib. I have to decide whether or not to let our oldest DD move into the guest room or let her continue to share. I think it is good for them to share--to learn how to respect other's things and be respectful of privacy and such. We also have a toy room downstairs--and it's wonderful! We only keep a few toys upstairs.

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My two oldest, Kevin and Joey (ages 15 and 10) share a room - they have bunk beds. My twins, Daisy and Annabelle (age 7), have bunk beds and share a room with Lilah (age 5). Luckily, they have a large bedroom that accommodates three kids. Finn has had his own room - the smallest bedroom in our house, but we will have no choice but to put Scarlett in with him when she moves out of our room in a few months. I'm not crazy about this arrangement, but there's really no way around it for us.

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No idea what we will do when this baby is ready to move out of our room... I expect it will be another year or so, though, so I'm not going to stress about it yet! Maybe by then DD and DS2 will be in bunk beds and we can fit the 3 of them in one room on the same floor as us... But maybe we'll just have to play musical bedrooms and move us downstairs and take over the fireplace/livingroom/guestroom, and spread the kids out upstairs!

Not worrying about it right now!