So tempted to run away to Spain!

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So tempted to run away to Spain!

I've just been offered the opportunity to move to Spain. An area that we know well, and holiday in, with promise of a job... So tempted... Life here sucks so badly right now, I've never felt so stressed, sick, sad, or miserable.

I'm so tempted to take it... Take the kids and up sticks to Spain... It'd be a bit of a culture shock as none of us speak Spanish, I'm not sure what we'd do about schooling for the kids, and I haven't worked for an employer for many years...

Would you do it? Part of me says you can't run away from your problems... But then part of me says that my life can't get any worse than it currently is, so take the adventure and roll with it. Then a part of me says it won't work because of the lack of language skills... But then a part of me says it's a life experience I may not get again and there's always a way to make things work. But then a part of me says if there's always a way to make things work, surely I should stay put and try and make things work here..... Urgh... So confused.

I literally had the conversation half an hour ago... The move would probably happen in Feb/Mar. My head is spinning a bit! LOL

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learn to say "hello, where is the restroom?" in Spanish and go .. of course that's just what i would do, but I like flying by the seat of my pants .. makes me feel taller Smile

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I dont know what I would do. The once in a lifetime opportunity sounds awesome...but realistically Im a bit of a chicken with stuff like I might not do it....but I would WANT to do it. If you feel like in your gut its time for a change and you can pull it off...then do it!!! Gl with your decision!!

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I'd be tempted to go for it. But, then, I do speak a little Spanish. Wink My sisters have both lived abroad and, thanks in part to starting my family young, I haven't had the chance. I think it would be a great experience.

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Tough decisions! If you went, how long would your commitment there be? That may weigh heavily into my decision (were it me). Good luck deciding!

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Oh, I love Spain! I lived there for a year in college. But I'm not sure how it would be moving there with all my kids. I'm sure it's doable. You should write down a list of all the pros and cons of going vs. staying. That's what I try to do when I am faced with a big decision. Keeps me from doing something purely based on emotion and then regretting it later.

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My SIL moved with her 5 sons to Germany and spoke not a word. The boys were in their teens. At first none wanted to leave Los Angeles. She spoke to them about the advantages and opened their eyes to things. (Her larger income, skiing, biking and hiking, better teachers, learning a language, etc)

Then she told them that all 5 HAD to agree to go or they would not make the move. They had to discuss it one night after dinner and meet with her to talk about their decision. They decided to go! It was a wonderful opportunity in terms of schooling, travel, lifelong friendships, etc. I think that the 5 children became closer to each other through the experience as well.

SIL's job was with the US army corps of engineers, so taxes, insurance, medical care and those kinds of issues were all under control.

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Well, I chickened out of similar opportunity ( although I didn't have any job offer ) b/c of the logistics... I kind of regret not going, but on the other hand, it wouldn't be all that easy to do it.
I thought things were going well for you? Is Martin's business going well? You also have 2 salons as well, right? I am sorry that you feel so depressed!

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Only you know your family situation. All I can say is best wishes in your family decision.

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Well, for the moment we've decided not to go. My business went bust yesterday and ceased trading. Martin still has his, but we've spent so long trying to get the salons working that he's let it slide a bit. So I am now back to being a SAHM and Martin is going to be re-focusing on his own business as it used to be really profitable before the salons came along...

Feel really sad at the moment, and guilty cos I made 5 people jobless a week before Xmas... But I had no other choice. I tried and tried to keep it all above water and it was just sinking quicker than I could barrel it out recently.

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I'm sorry. That's so difficult to deal with at this time of the year especially. Please don't beat yourself up, though. I am sure that you did everything humanly possible to keep your business afloat and spare those people's jobs. I hope they are able to find new jobs quickly. And I hope Martin's job thrives now that he can devote full energy to it. Hugs!

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Im so sorry for that!! I hope everything will turn around...sometimes I love the start of a new year and the hope that things will be on the up swing soon!!

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My dad always had the greatest saying... "Don't let your fear of loss outweigh your hope for gain." That's the best advice I can give you!