Still no name! :(

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Still no name! :(

We still have not decided on a name! I went through the few we had and wrote them down, then browsed the social security top 1000 baby names and grabbed a few more, since we have been undecided on any of the ones on our list. Any thoughts on any of them, favorites? Looking for something different, not extremely popular, but still recognizable.

Here's the list I just came up with--and some are new ones I haven't put past dh yet. Oh, and middle name is most likely Thomas (family name) and our other kids are: Joseph Thayn, Kaitlyn Alora, and Weston James.


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I love Dalton, Parker and Landon.... I know how hard it is to decide on a name! Hugs!

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I like Casen, Dalton, and Parker; but they are all nice. Good luck deciding...can't wait to hear what you decide.

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I like Landon and Isaiah.

Our youngest didn't have a name for more than a week after she was is hard to name babies!

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What! Your daughter is Kaitlyn Alora??? That is my cousin's name AND spelling! Crazy!

Oh, and I like Isaac Thomas best Smile

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I know I will be like you....I thought I had a name all again!! I think I like Parker. Good luck deciding! Maybe when you see him you will know!!

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"kris_w" wrote:

What! Your daughter is Kaitlyn Alora??? That is my cousin's name AND spelling! Crazy!

Oh, and I like Isaac Thomas best Smile

That's crazy!! Yeah, I loved the name and chose it when I was like 14 for my first daughter. Dh had no choice but to go with it! I heard the name (and spelling) of Alora first when my friends older sister named her baby Alora Josephine--and I LOVED it. I later found out she got the name from the movie Willow, but I still love it. I sometimes have regrets that I didn't actually name dd Alora, but Alora Kaitlyn didn't flow as nicely for me and I liked both names. So I use her middle name a lot and call her both (especially to get her attention or if she is in trouble Wink )

I think we are leaning most towards Isaac Thomas, but I still REALLY love Oakley and it has such meaning in my dh's family (his paternal gpa's name).

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Isaac and Oakley are both nice. I think Isaac sounds smoother with the middle name Thomas, but if Oakley is such a meaningful name for you, maybe you should go with it. Isiah Thomas was the name of a famous basketball player.

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I love Oakley! I am all about names not a lot of people have or very unheard of!! Good luck with the name situation I know you have been trying to figure it out for a long time!

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I like Isaac or Casen.

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I wanted the name Isaac for Andrew but my MIL was REALLY put off by it(her BIL is named Isaac and she does not get along with her sister). I didn't want that assoc with his name so we didn't use it. But I still love it.

BTW we decided literally as we were signing out of the hospital. Nothing like that kind of pressure to make a decision. Lol

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I wouldn't stress about it. Neither Ivy nor Leo had a name for a month after they were born! We like to meet them first to be sure that the name actually suits them.

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Lots of cute names there Holly! Smile

I still love Oakley, mostly because it does have special meaning for your family, and I think it is cute and original.

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I like Oakley the best, because then you can call him "O" for short, but I love Parker as well... that's my maiden name lol. I hate nicknames and never use them for my kids, but somehow Trystan has been dubbed "T" or "Mr. T" and I think it's adorable, so sometimes it works!