Thanks again!

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Thanks again!

For all your thoughts and prayers for my sister and her husband! They must have worked--because an amazing twist of fate happened! They were supposed to get the kids back from foster care permanently mid-August, right? Well, suddenly there was a problem with one of the other foster kids and some investigation stuff at the foster home--so they didn't want my niece and nephew in the middle of it. Rather than bounce them to a new home, they just returned them early! The got word last night that they will be home for good!!! With visits each week by social workers, counselors etc to make sure they are doing ok. My sister seems to be doing much better so I think it will all be ok. After my niece was born she had very severe post partum depression and it got so bad that she was investigated and the kids were taken. (That was just the end of a long road though of depression/mental illness for her though) It has taken 2 years but I think with the right meds and counseling she is doing so much better--and the parenting classes etc she took really helped her too.

so Thanks for all your kind words!

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Always good to hear about things improving!

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Yay! I am glad your sister is doing so much better, and will continue the prayers that things go well with their reunited family!

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Excellent news!

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What wonderful news!! I am so, so happy for them & pray that things continue to go well. PPD and mental health issues are so very difficult, my heart goes out to her & her family & I hope that her improvement continues to in a positive direction :bighug:

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That is so great to hear!