Ultrasound (XP)

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Ultrasound (XP)

Today was my ultrasound. My wonderful, awesome, amazing midwife was there for the festivities. I was nervous about what might be revealed. I told the tech (who did my ultrasounds with Lilah and Finn as well) in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in knowing about soft markers for anything. I truly don't want information that's only going to lead to speculation. All I wanted to know was: Angel does the baby appear to be viable, and (b) how far along am I?

Well, the baby indeed appears to be viable. Little heart hammering away, brain formed, all major parts accounted for, and it was shaking and shimmying in there. Like magic.

And surprise, surprise, apparently I'm about a week farther along than I thought - she put me at about 13 and a half weeks, with an EDD of June 15.

Looks like it might be a girl, but too early to say for sure. Either way, it'll be a tie-breaker Smile

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Yay! I am so happy everything went great! Great pictures!! #5 was our tie breaker! Congrats again!!!

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Aw congratulations on your scan! Glad all looked well and that does indeed look very girlie!

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congrats on an awesome ultrasound!!

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That is wonderful news!! And indeed, that does look like a girl to me! I am so glad all is well.

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fantastic news, lisa!!!!!!!

pico83 (not verified)

great news! And I love your siggy pic!

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What a cutie! Thanks for sharing. So happy for you!

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Fabulous news, Lisa! I'm so happy for you!!!! Woot!

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Yay for a great U/S!