update on me - home now

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update on me - home now

Hi all! I came home yesterday (Monday) from the hospital. My neck and shoulders are killing me, probably from sleeping in a hospital bed, plus walking around hunched over to protect my belly. Other than that, I'm feeling good. My belly barely hurts at all. I'm still on a liquid diet until Friday, then I can go on a soft/bland food diet. We shall see if I can make it.

I go back to the surgeon in 2 weeks for a follow-up and may or may not be cleared to return to work. Four of the five kids are going to leave Friday and spend 2-4 weeks away from home. We'll keep Isaiah here, and he will have a nurse 5 nights a week and his aide 5 days a week at daycare.

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Glad you are feeling better. A long break like that is just what you need!

Hope you are feeling refreshed physically and emotionally after your "holiday"!

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glad you are feeling fairly good so far! Smile And the kids will have a nice break while you recuperate! Smile

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Glad you are home and things are progressing nicely.