Vechicle questions from a lurker!
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Thread: Vechicle questions from a lurker!

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    Default Vechicle questions from a lurker!


    I'm a frequent lurker to your board and TOC #3 in October. We currently have a Honda CRV and there is no way I can fit three carseats in that thing since I'd need 2 Rear-facing and one Forward-facing. From what I can find the Radian is the narrowest car seat around, but it doesn't fit properly in a CRV rear-facing. There just isn't enough room. So we think we need to upgrade our vechicle before #3 arrives. We've got plenty of time, but we are trying to budget in a new vechicle, so trying to figure out what we need/approximate cost ahead of time.

    We are thinking we need to have 3 rows of seating. Long term plan is 4 children if I can convince DH and things go according to plan... So far, that's all we have! What are the best features to have in a vechicle with a larger family? Right now I'm looking at carseats, but what should I consider as the kids get older?

    thanks in advance!!

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    I had a Honda Pilot with 4 kids and it worked out nicely. We upgraded to a Suburban because of its towing capabilities, but really loved my Pilot and miss it!
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    I've had my Expedition for over nine years now, and I love it, old beater that it is. I honestly don't know what we're going to do with this next baby - we're at capacity in the Expedition and can't afford a car payment, so we'll likely be taking two vehicles anytime we go somewhere as a family
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lots-o-Tots View Post
    I've had my Expedition for over nine years now, and I love it, old beater that it is. I honestly don't know what we're going to do with this next baby - we're at capacity in the Expedition and can't afford a car payment, so we'll likely be taking two vehicles anytime we go somewhere as a family

    Have your oldest begin saving for his own car He'll be of driving age soon! LOL

    I have a Yukon XL--and I love it! It seats 8--so we will still have 2 extra seats for friends after baby #4 decides to finally make his arrival. We went for it over a mini-van for its towing ability, like someone else said. My dh is a scout master and we tow a lot (and dh eventually wants a boat LOL) It is comfy and has a lot of room, especially in the middle row for growing kids. And being XL it has a large cargo space and high clearance for off-road use since he not only takes it off paved roads for scout adventures, but we go camping and hiking a lot as well as drive over snowy mountain passes to visit family and the 4 wheel drive is useful.

    Down side--THE GAS!! It is a gas guzzler. Which sucks, but the pro's for our family outweighed the cons and I try to not make little trips but group my errands and other outings together so there is less driving.
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    We went from an Izuzu Rodeo to a Honda Odyssey and LOVED it!! That is a mini van that was really nice to drive. When we outgrew that we got a suburban...which has been fine. When we got tight in that we found a company called ...which made an extra seat that took away the storage from the vehicle but gave us extra seats. Then we got a 12 passenger van which we have almost filled again
    Lisa...if you see this...check out will have to become creative for storage...but if you want the ability to drive together in one car as a family without buying a new car...this was a good solution for us. THen when we had extra storage we bought a small storage rack for the back of the car when we needed it.
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    If I were you, i would get a mini van. I wish I could ride a minivan again!

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    We are looking at expeditions or suburbans....*sigh*
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    Thanks, I always wonder about the car thing, too. We're going to have to move up with the next baby (no plans to TTC this year, though). Growing up as one of four kids we had a minivan and it worked fine. We just had to pack efficiently for vacations.
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    We currently have a Toyota Sequoia which we really like, but will be outgrowing when we have this baby. So we will be selling the Toyota and will be buing a 12 or 15 passenger van as well as a small run around car. I wish we didn't have to get rid of the Toyota because we really like it--tows great, roomy, 4wd. Unfortunately it only fits 8 and we are at the max.
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    I have a Honda Pilot and I love it seats 8 so once we don't have so many car seats we will still have room for friends. Not bad on gas mileage either.
    My husband has plans to get me a Traverse....we'll see. I'm not completely convinced it's worth the extra expense.
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