are we allowed to post from a blog that is fundraising here?

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are we allowed to post from a blog that is fundraising here?

A blog I frequent is trying to raise money and awareness for Downs syndrome...there is a short video that she made to spread the word...are we allowed to posts links to things like that here?

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Let me alert Missy... i am sure it is fine as long as you are not "advertising" on other boards you do not frequent. Will get back to you asap!

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Hi Amy!

Can you pm or email me the link? I would love to be able to support it here as it sounds like a worthy cause. What I don't understand is whether this is an individual that is collecting the money (either to support her blog costs to raise awareness or to, in turn, donate to another organization?) -- or if she is linking directly to an organization's website.

The latter is absolutely no problem... but the former gets a bit tricky for approval (although I do have other ideas on ways to share.) The reasoning is that whatever we approve does set a precedent. For example, while this person most likely will use 100% of the money donated exactly as she states within her cause... another person later on may simply be using it as a scam. As horrible as that sounds unfortunately that happening repeatedly was the reason for our policy development on links for donations.

Smile Let me take a look and then I can help offer some suggestions on how to help spread the word!

Thank you for your efforts!

~Missy (