We Did it!!!!!

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We Did it!!!!!

We told the kids case worker today that we are moving forward to adopt!!! Last week my Mom was here visiting the kids for a night when the case worker showed up and the were talking and my Mom was telling her that if any of my sister's kids ever had a b-day cake, it was because she (my Mom) would buy it for them...As she was saying that to the case worker I was filled with an indescribeable inner peace knowing that we are making the best decision for these 5 children!!! We based our decision not just on the past year that we've had them, but the parenting that goes way back 10 or so years. Now I need to fill in my Mom, Sister (other) and Brother on our final decision....Remember, it started a family war when we made the decision initially. They wanted us to keep permanent guardianship in hopes that in a couple of years my sister will come back around and motion the courts to re open the case. It's been a really tough year, but I remember before we got the children my stomach was in never-ending knots because my sister had them all over God's creation who God only knows who! I never want to feel that feeling again, and by doing this, I know that the kids are safe.

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I'm happy you were able to come to a decision on this really tough situation! It sounds like the kids will truly be in the best place possible--TOGETHER and with family who loves them and can care for them!

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So happy for you! What a tough decision to make, but like Holly said, the kids truly will be in the best place!

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Congrats on making such a difficult decision! It definitely sounds like this is the best thing for THEM! *hugs*

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Congrats to you and your family on finally coming to a definite decision! I sure hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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That's great! I hope your family comes around and sees that you're doing what's best for the kids.

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Congrats on officially adding to your family! Smile I hope your mom seeing the caseworker and such has helped her, and that she can help the others come around if needed! You are nothing short of amazing!