We have a heartbeat!!

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We have a heartbeat!!

Yes!! Yahoo we have a heartbeat! I was so nervous I was shaking. The Dr. even made a joke about how the babies heartbeat was beating as fast as mine Smile

The all day sickness :puke2: is also getting worse so I'm starting to believe this is really happening!

And here my baby, measuring spot on at 6w. So happy!!!!

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Aw... I love scans. One of my favourite parts of pregnancy! :love:

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Excellent news! Yay Smile

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YAY!! I love first scans!!

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Yippie!!! I am so happy for you and i understand the feeling of being scared... I hope the nausea lets up a bit, can you believe that I had horrible sickness with 10 of my pregnancies and with this one ( it is pregnancy # 11, the 10 th one ended in second tri) but I had almost no nausea with this baby and he is doing fine?

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Thanks for sharing! So happy for you!

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Marta - I am so happy for you!! Yay!! congrats!

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Yahoo that's awesome news!

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Yay! I'm so happy for you!

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awesome!!!!!!!! great scan!!!!!!! i LOVE hearing the heartbeat and seeing the little bean flicker!!!!!!!

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Yay!!! Congrats for a strong HB!