We are having...

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We are having...

A healthy baby BOY!!!! Yippie!

I really love this little boy inside me! Sebastian will have a little buddy to play with when everyone else is in school.... Now we just have to come up with a name. My favorite one is Oliver ( the kids came up with it)
Others are:

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Congrats again, Asha!!!! I love the name Oliver Smile Good luck deciding!

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Fantastic! Congrats, Asha. Wonderful news! I love all of your names.

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Great names! I like them all.

Leo thinks the last one on the list is best! I think he's biased.

DH thinks you should add Reed to the list (I told him it was none of his business. On the other hand Oliver Reed does have a nice ring to it Wink !

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Congrats on your baby boy!!! I love the name Oliver Smile

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Super news Asha!

I have a feeling the children may win this contest! Biggrin

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Oliver Leo

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Yay!! Healthy baby boy!

I said before, I like Oliver but Leo is nice, too!

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Awesome news, hun! CONGRATS!!!

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congrats on another healthy boy!! I like all the names, but esp like Oliver and Nicholas. Smile

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Yay for boys! Congrats! I like Oliver too.

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Congratulations Asha!

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Ohhh CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Baby boys are just so, so sweet. I LOVE the name Oliver - I've a friend who has a son named that and he goes by Ollie - it's so cute lol Congrats again hun, am just so happy for you :bighug:

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Congrats on your little boy!!! Smile YAY!