we are having (xp)

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we are having (xp)


A GIRL!!!!!

The appointment was AWESOME!! Got the result of all blood work and screening tests and they were GREAT! The ultrasound tech was absolutely amazing as was the genetic counselor and the doctor!!! I LOVED this office!!!! SERIOUSLY!! I feel like they are going to take such good care of me and the baby....they are going to see me monthly for cervix checks...and they are watching me very close for the liver/gallbladder...the cholistasis condition to come. If it does they have a med they use to control the condition and they will start amnios at 36 weeks and as SOON as lungs are set baby is out of there....because the condition causes stillbirth and the doctor does not mess around with it!! THat beind said, I have had the condition for 3 pg's and I have not had it for 6...so hopefully it will not happen. Im just so relieved...it was super scary having this condition with Ella and even though it was barely starting when we got Jacob out of there...its very scary to think your baby could be in danger.

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Congrats on a little girl! Yay! It sounds like your DR is staying on top of everything.

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congrats on another girl! And yay for a wonderful doc and office staff!

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Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!!

I think it's wonderful that you have such a good doctor and staff. I agree that it is scary to have a condition that is dangerous during pregnancy, so it is good to know that the docs are on top of it.

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Congratulations on the good news Smile

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Congrats on your little girl! Glad the dr is keeping on top of your health--and hope it doesn't affect you this time around!

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Congratulations! Have you got any names yet?

I know how it feels to have horrible conditions during pregnancy - it sucks arse, but at least you have a Dr that seems to be doing their job well and is taking good care of you! (((((HUGS)))))

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Congratulations on the baby girl! I'm so glad things are going well and you have some doctors you can feel really confident and comfortable with.

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That's so wonderful! Girls are the best!!

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congrats on a girl! I'm glad you doctor is ready to keep a close eye on things. I hope you're able to have a completely healthy pregnancy.