We are having a . . . . . (xp)

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We are having a . . . . . (xp)

. . . . .

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Now that will be fun for everyone, and boy will she have a bunch of protective older brothers! I suspect she will be quite feisty !

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Aw congrats! That's brilliant! Have you got a name yet for her? What did the boys think when you told them? She'll be a very spoilt little girl - no matter how hard you fight against it! LOL

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Sarah....the boys were thrilled! Her name will be Keely.

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So cute! I have a good friend named Keeli. You don't meet them very often (and she's in her mid-30's).

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I like that name too - though the only one I've known spelled it Keighley (or something close!)

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Keely Smith is the only one that comes to mind...and a great lady!

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OMG!!!! Were you completely shocked? You have to go pink shopping ASAP- LOL! I am thrilled for your family and I LOVE her name!!

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Wow! That's exciting! Congratulations!!!

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Brace yourself for all the idiotic "you can stop trying now; you've got your girl" comments.

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Awww! Congrats Janae! That is so exciting! Love the pic of the boys with the balloons, too cute! And what a darling name!

and lol at Deb, so true! Smile

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I love the name! I've got a friend called Keeley and she's lovely! Agree with the PP who said brace yourself though! I thought the comments were stupid when I had all boys, they only got worse when I then added a girl or two into the mix! LOL Still I'd take all their comments and worse - I bet you're over the moon! Have you been shopping yet?

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Wow! How exciting! I guess it really is possible! I really figured a girl wasn't possible and that all we make is boys (which is fine). Maybe my boys will get the sister they want so badly after all!

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That's wonderful!!!! I love the name!

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Janae I am so excited for you! Now you get to buy pink and frilly stuff!

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congrats!!!! That is a great us picture too....clear as day!! Im so happy for you!!!!

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Okay, I haven't posted on here in YEARS -


A GIRL???!?!?!?!?!?!



(It's so much fun. Dressing her, especially. Just like a baby doll.)

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what a surprise! Congratulations!

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congratulations on a girl Biggrin
bet you are all thrilled Biggrin

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Congrats on your daughter Smile It is tons of fun having a house full of boys and 1 sweet, little girl. You are going to love it!

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awww... yay!! Congrats!!! Something new for you! Are you nervous? Your boy are going to be great big brothers!!

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That's so totally exciting!!! Girls are amazing (but I'm thankful I just have one, she's a diva lol!)!!!!

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Are you nervous?

Not all...just super excited! DH on the other hand is very nervous.

Haven't been shopping yet, although I do have to admit that I have picked up at least one girl outfit when I was pregnant with each of the boys. I am going crazy on Pinterest pinning dresses to sew, shoes, and hair things! So fun!

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I am SO completely excited for you Janae! You are going to LOVE having a daughter--they are so much fun! And tell M that he will do great--he is so great with Jenna! Can't wait to meet Keely! I'm sure the boys are thrilled! See you soon...maybe we should go shopping together! Wink

(Janae is my sister-in-law) Smile

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Just saw this and wanted to say congrats!! I've been looking for your announcement since I saw that you were preggo again. How exciting!!! Congrats!!! Smile

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Congrats! Love the picture!

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Wow, that u/s pic leaves no doubt! Congrats!!

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Totally late to this party but I just wanted to say CONGRATS ON GETTING A GIRL!!!!! I know with your last you tried everything to get a girl. So glad she is finally coming and yes she will have some awesome big brother protectors. Smile

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I know with your last you tried everything to get a girl.

Yes, we did! Smile This time we did nothing, well except bd ;). Although I will say that it was about 4 days before O....we weren't really planning to get pg until the next month!