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Thread: Went to Drs today

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    Well, I went for my blood work today... I should get it back next week and we'll take it from there. But now there's a concern that I might be having angina attacks? So I have to go for an appointment to discuss that too. Urgh!

    Colleen, I do have mirena, but I had it put in to try and regulate and lighten the heavy, abnormal periods I'd been having (hysterectomy was also discussed) and control some of the symptoms. And now although my periods are much easier to handle, the other symptoms haven't changed at all.

    We'll see I guess. I hate all the waiting around - just want someone to make me feel vaguely human again! LOL

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    I just wanted to offer you hugs! I'm sorry for what you're going through.

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    when i had my bloodwork done at a normal physical.....it came back that i had hypothyroidism......and one of the questions they asked me was if i had angina pain...i didn't have any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism except having a hard time losing weight.......but my #'s were pretty high.......and now that i'm on the meds for 4 months now, i feel "different".......i don't know if i feel necessarily better, because i didn't feel bad to begin with........LOL........

    good luck and i hope you guys get to the bottom of this asap!!!!!!!!!

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