What made you open to a large family?

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What made you open to a large family?

Now that I am preg with baby #5, I am realizing I have got to have some thick skin. A lot of people are pretty rude when it comes to large families. I have ALWAYS wanted lots of kids. Mostly due to my nature and that I am the oldest of six chlidren (and also have a very large extended family) along with a good part being religious beliefs and wanting to do what I believe to be the right thing. I have always admired those with large families because clearly it is not an easy thing to accomplish.

What made you all decide that you wanted to have a large family? Did you always know?

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I came from a family of 8 bio kids, and a bunch of foster siblings so I've had some idea what I was getting into but it really just evolved for us over time. I always laugh when this comes up but I had my first when I was very young, and I didn't really know what I was doing with anything. I said I wanted my kids close together, and I wanted 4 at the most. DH said 2. Almost a decade later we've got 6 and we're done. It's crazy, loud, a big sacrifice, but I love it more than anything.

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When I was growing up, I wished so hard that my parents had another kid. I was the youngest of four. I watched other people's babies for fun. I played with dolls until I was 11!
When I met Tom, he wanted 6 kids and it seemed like a good number to me. Especially b/c we were going to live away from my family.
His sisters never got married so we knew that our kids would be the only kids in the US ( no cousins nearby) WE both felt like we had to set up a "base" so when our kids are adults their kids had aunts, uncles, cousins, family to visit, etc...
That was a big part of our decision.
When we got to six kids, we just couldn't imagine not having more.

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Dh and I are both the oldest of 6 kids. We decided from the very beginning that we wanted to have six kids as we enjoyed coming from big families. I was ready to be done after #6, but we kept having the feeling that someone was missing and here we are expecting #7. We are done! I will be sad to not have another baby in our house again, but it is time to move on to the next stage of life.

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I'm 2nd of 4 in my family, but 3rd of 13 among my cousins, so whenever we got together there were babies and kids around. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and when I got married pretty young I didn't feel like waiting. I finally talked DH around to kids and he thought 2 might be nice. I was thinking 4-6. Now, we have 3 and he's the driving force behind us starting to TTC again later this month. After that he thinks we're done, but we'll see. I think he might come around again.

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Neither of us came from a big family (3 in my family and just 2 in his), but we agreed early in our relationship that we wanted to have 4 kids. After #4 came along, I just didn't feel certain we were done, so here we are expecting our 5th... And feel really confident that our family is complete Smile

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When we first got married my husband and I werent sure about how many kids we wanted. After our first my husband told me that he would have a dozen if he could... I was still healing from stitches and told him I was good with one lol. But, when DS1 was almost 2 we both felt ready for another, but decided to wait... I got pregnant 2 months later lol. DH was done after , but god had a different plan and I got pregnant round the time DS2 was 9 months old. After DD was born DH scheduled his vas.. but ended up canceling because of work... then just never rescheduled it. About a month or so before DD's 1st birthday DH is actually the one that brought up a 4th. I wasnt all that ready, and still hadnt gotten a period after having DD. So, we decided to wait and see what happened... revisit it in a year... then if we didnt have a 4th by my 30th we would be done at 3... And, here we are, pregnant with #4. I just always knew that I would have 4 kids... even as a kid myself. But, as I grew up, met DH, dated, etc. I didnt think I would actually have 4. Its amazing how life evolves, and turns out just how it should Smile

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I've always loved kids/babies and felt like I was born to be a mom! I only have 1 younger brother and was always begging my parents to have more. DH is the youngest of 4. He said before we met, he wasn't sure if he'd ever even have kids. We originally talked about having 3. Then when I was pregnant with #2, I got really depressed at the thought of only having one more. I told DH,I had decided we'd have 4. He said "Oh you did, did you?". DH said he though we were done after 4 but I wasn't so sure. I started pushing for baby #5 before #4 was born! Again, DH told everyone we were done after 5. Now here we are expecting #6 Smile It's funny because DH tries to tell everyone it's all me but he loves having a lot of kids as much as I do. He was completely on board every time. A part of me would like to have more but I know realistically this will be our last. I just love having a big family, despite the comments and looks we get. I picture these huge family get togethers 20 years down the road. I look forward to being surrounded by grandkids!