what was your "plan"?
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Thread: what was your "plan"?

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    Default what was your "plan"?

    I've been kind of wondering how many set out to have a big family and how many just had it kind of happen. I'll admit, it's been set off by DS1 announcing he wants 11 babies in our family... then proceeding to tell me what gender the others are supposed to be and what months they're supposed to be born. If it weren't for DH (who doesn't really want a big family) he might be able to talk my into it. My original plan was 4 but now I'm thinking 5-6 sounds better. It all depends on how many I can talk DH into having. He kind of wants to stop at 3.
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    We never planned on having lots of kids, never really crossed my mind actually. I really, really think that has Deacon and Truman NOT been twins, we may have stopped at 2. But since we went right to 3 and that is a whole different ballgame, we just kept going. It feels right for us and it feels like where we should be even if it was not what we originally planned to do
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    We always planned on 4 close together and then waiting a bit before doing anything permanent, just to be sure. Anyways, we had our 4 and then as we approached the end of our "waiting period" (we didn't want any big spaces), I just sort of felt not sure. Well, one month later, I was pregnant. I'm excited about this baby, but very definitely feel done after this one. DH's snip is booked and on the calendar

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    We always said 4-5 from the very beginning. #4 just arrived last week so can't say for sure yet if we'll go in for 5 but--and don't get me wrong, I love my boys but I'd love one more girl. I know there is no guarantee #5 would be a girl and even if it were to be a fourth boy we would be done. But since we said 4-5 I think I'll go for that chance . But yes, I've always wanted a bigger family.
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    I've always wanted a big family. I had kind of settled on 4 by the time I was an adult but dh was set on 2. Well our first two were girls so convincing dh to go for a third was easy and then he waited a little too long to go for that vasectomy and we got 4. He knows at this point I'd have more but he had his vasectomy already so unless we get a miracle we're done.
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    I come from a big family, so I always knew I wanted more than just one. I really thought 4 was a good number for a long time. DH always said 2. We got to 2 and realized we weren't done. Then we continued on from there without any sort of solid plan until we got to now, where we're expecting #6.

    At this point, I feel like I'm ready to move out of this stage. This whole being pregnant and trying to balance homeschooling...it's been rough sometimes. Combined with the fact that I've been pregnant or nursing most of the last 8 or so years, I'm to the point that I want my body back, I'm done, shop's closed, etc. But in a few months or even a few years will I change my mind again? Maybe. I've gone through this exact same thing every time, so we'll see where we are then.
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    I always said that I wanted 4 or 5. Dh had 2 in mind, but was open to more.....

    We had two, then a surprise pg that we lost, and then we knew we wanted more. After we had our 3rd, we still wanted another. #5 was a bit of a surprise, but a happy surprise (turns out we're not that good at preventing.)

    I can honestly say that I'm feeling pretty done. Like others, with the exception of about 6 months, I've been pregnant or nursing since 2002 and I'm feeling ready to be "done" I also really felt like a boy was missing from our family, and really longed for a brother for our first son, Miles. Now that we are having a boy, I'm feeling more complete about things....
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    Dh and I both come from large families (6 kids) and said from the beginning that we wanted six. I was convinced I was done when I was pg with #6, but once he was born I wasn't so sure....I felt as though someone was missing. Then last fall when we would go places as a family I was constantly having to count to make sure that we weren't missing anyone because it felt like we were. Dh was also having those feelings. Since I knew there was another one I wanted to have it sooner rather than later--I didn't want there to be a huge age gap between #6 and the last. So here we are pregnant with #7 and I feel that we are done. I am ready to move on to the next stage of life. I, too, am ready to have my body back. I have been pregnant or nursing for 3/4 of our marriage. I will miss having a newborn in our home...there is just a special spirit that comes with having a new baby in the house.
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    Like many have said 4 was our number...but we had them close together and I was young when we stopped...after a couple years I knew I wanted another..so we had #5 who is my wonderful Will. We decided to have another for even numbers...we had a girl (Ava) and said we were done. I accidentally got pregnant again...and was terribly upset...and just when I finally came around and was excited and ready for another...I had a miscarriage. So...I told dh I wanted to end on a happy note...not a mc....I wanted 1 more. He agreed to it, and we had little Ella. After Ella, we were open to 1 more...as we really like even numbers. We had Jacob which also evened our gender teams...to 4 boys and 4 girls. We said we were probably done but didnt do anything to permanent. But..now we are pregnant again...happily. I will never ever feel upset when finding out I am pregnant again even if it is a surprise...I felt so guilty when I had the mc...because of how I felt so negative about being pregnant again. I almost felt like I was responsible for losing the baby. After that...I swore I would just be thankful for the blessing...even if it was a surprise! I will be 39 when this baby is born...so I think that we will not go on to even the score again...and really....this actually DOES even the score for gender. Because we lost our first son (he passed due to extreme prematurity...born at 24 weeks) this makes 5 girls and 5 boys for me...but at home it will be 5 girls and 4 boys. Although...our dog is a boy...so that counts too...right? Anyways...once again..I say we are PROBABLY done after this...although nothing permanent has been done!
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    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd end up with this many kids. I know I went through a period as a teen when I decided I didn't want to have ANY kids. Then I got married at 19 and began to long to be a mother, but it was 10 more years before I had my first, due to my first husband continuing to put off trying, and then dealing with several years of fertility issues (his). When our marriage broke up just a couple years after Kevin was finally born, I resigned myself to the possibility that he would be my only child. Then Michael came along, and we married, and we both wanted more kids and already both being well into our 30s by then, we started trying right away and Joey was born before our first anniversary. We talked about having two kids together, making it a total of 3 with Kevin - and honestly because of our ages, I couldn't fathom going beyond that. Then we tried for #3 and got twins! Suddenly we had 4 kids - more than either one of us imagined! Then we just got used to a certain level of chaos, I guess, and we talked about maybe having "just one more" after the twins, and then I discovered I was already pregnant with Lilah. Finn was also a surprise, though not a huge one - Michael wanted to be done, I wanted another, and nobody did anything to prevent it, so, there you go. This one has been the shock of all shocks because we really thought Michael was sterile after going through cancer treatment. So, no, I never dreamed I would have such a large family, but I'm very happy with the way things have turned out.
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