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Thread: what was your "plan"?

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    With me it definitely just happened. I never really talked about it with my first husband, although we planned baby #1. Well long story short, #2 was a whoops with my current DH (he has two from his first marriage, too), #3 was planned, as we desperately wanted a girl and did all of the research we could on it (the other four are all boys!). We got our princess and DH said he was definitely done... but lo and behold last year we got another "whoops" and Trystan arrived two months ago! So no, I never really sat and had a conversation with either DH as to how many kids we wanted (truthfully, I think DH would have stopped with our boys, but he knew how desperately I wanted a daughter, so he caved). Honestly though, if DH made good money and I could be a SAHM I would love to have one or two more... I can dream...
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    5 has always been my number. I am rather anti-conform, and 4 seems to be everyone's number around here, so I wanted 5. Actually when I was in high school I wanted 10 (and being the second of 8, and helping raise my siblings, I knew somewhat what I was getting into lol). Anyhow.... we had our first two and knew we wanted more, and then had two m/c and infertility problems, so I wondered if I would only have two. But deep inside, I KNEW I was going to have twins at some point (so much so that one of my losses I had a 7wk u/s and was extremely surprised to see only one baby). Now we have four, and I really do want another girl, though I know there is no guarantee, and I usually still want one more. But somedays I feel so very very overwhelmed. Toddler twins are really a handful and I feel stretched so thin somedays, I don't think right now I could handle anymore, but then again, I don't want a huge gap, since that would probably be our last. I waffle a lot. lol. I think dh always wanted 3 or 4, and after the hospital bedrest with the twins and the scary placenta previa with #2, he is frightened of having more.. but I do think he may be coming around... just a bit. lol.

    so yes, a large family has always been in the plans, though not as large as some here.
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    I always wanted 16. A mixture of my own, adopted and fostered. I always imagined I'd have a son first, and a daughter last. I don't know why though! LOL

    My DH is an only child, of an only child, of an only child, of an only child. On our first "date" DH told me he only wanted one, maybe two at most. I told him if he was only willing to have one or two then we might as well drink up and go our separate ways! LOL We compromised on definitely one, probably two, and take it from there... But actually my DH has been the major factor for carrying on and having 7 children - he's also the one majorly campaigning to TTC #8!

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    It wasn't our plan well we really didn't have a plan. I got married at 19 to DH and I already had Jesse from my high school sweetheart. My DH didn't want kids until he was finished with an intense miltary training and assignment which promised overseas deployments. Understanding as I am I agreed it wasn't a good time. When we got assigned to a teaching position/no deployment assignment we revisited the idea and again HE wasn't ready. He wanted to wait until he separated from the miltary and get the next career started which he is in now. So I again agreed. He got the dream job and after moving away from new Orleans after hurricane Katrina he finally gave in and we started TTC. We had Jacob just 10 months after moving and, just likei knew it would be, DH fell hard for his son and was on board to TTC ASAP. Then we had Ethan 15 months after Jacob. We took an 10 month break but I knew I wanted one more and DH was good with it. So we TTC and we got Eli. After Eli turned one I began to think we were done. Three little ones and a teenager was a lot to handle. But then I wasn't on BC and I was trying to NFP(it had been working for the previous 6 months) I thought we were safe one month when I think now I o'd three days later than normal so we got our fifth boy. I had my hopes the entire pregnancy for a girl knowing this was the last baby.

    Now as long as the doc did a good job tying my tubes we are done. And I'm completely fine with it. I'm ready to move on. I feel so tied down with nursing and infants. We are happy we decided to have them so close together. I don't think DH ever thought he'd have 4 boys and 1 DSS. We both come from 2child families. I gave a sister, he has a brother.

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    We never really planned the exact number of children we were going to have. We knew we wanted to adopt and have DIY kids too. And I always wanted a large family. I just didn't have a specific number in mind.

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