Who measures big?

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Who measures big?

This is a new one for me.

At my appointment yesterday, I measured "big" in fundal height. I was about 1 cm "big" at previous appointments, which we just attributed to this being my 5th baby.

But yesterday, I measured a full month ahead (which actually made sense to me, since I've been telling Trey that I feel "big" for this stage of pregnancy....) I had 8cm of growth in 5 weeks. My MW's assistant measured-- and then my MW....and both confirmed...

My MW doesn't typically like u/s-- even though I always get one when planning a HB (for my own peace of mind.) But I'm going to go back and have her re-measure next week and then go for an u/s afterwards.

I guess I'm kind of freaked bc she mentioned twins and I just want you all to tell me that it is just a singleton pregnancy in a 5th time mama. We got out my charts from last time and I was always spot on. I think my MW is just thinking that bc she just had a mama "twin out" of HB last week (same situation, measured big, never suspected it, went for u/s....two babies.)

This was just baby laying in a wonky way, right? Or I have a lot of fluid or something, right?

Reassure me mama's of many. Smile

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Who measures big? Me, Me, Me! lol Smile

I have measured big with each of my 4 kids and am ahead this time too.... But, I also have really enormous babies. My "peanut" was 9lbs 13oz and my biggest was 12lbs.

A lot of care providers don't put much stock into fundal height prior to 20 weeks (once you get to the belly button), but if you've had a big jump then an u/s is probably a good idea, especially since you don't usually measure big. I don't worry about u/s for myself because I know the baby is just big. Although I did have an extra one last time (with the 12lb baby) because at 25 weeks I was measuring 32 and I was totally freaked out about twins too.

Have you have any other different symptoms that might hint at twins?

Let us know how it goes!

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Thanks, Kris!

I don't know what a twin symptom would be--lol. I was more tired this first trimester than others-- but I attribute that to having had to travel to Asia at 6/7 weeks and the 13 hour jet leg-- the travel just knocked me out. But I was as sick as I was with others......just really tired.

I really don't think there is more than one in there......so happy to hear that others "just measure big"-- my babies have been really averaged size (in order they were 7 lbs 6 oz, 8 lbs, 7 lbs 4 oz, 7 lbs 3 oz)-- all born at 40+ weeks.....

I'm going to assume it is nothing and not waste time thinking about it. Smile

I LOVE that you had a 12 lb baby. You go mama!

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I measure big usually at the end....for me it has ALWAYS been extra amniotic fluid for no apparant reason. They say you can have more symptoms....more tired, more sickness with twins....I guess early movement...sometimes that is the symptom. But Im sure there mamas out there who have no symptoms at all and its not until they measure large that they find out or have a routine ultrasound. You dont usually get an ultrasound at all? Gl...they do say you are more likely to have twins if you have a lot of kids....and we were just realizing on our June board...we actually dont have a twin mama yet so maybe.....!! That being said...Im sure if its twins you will do great!!

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My babies were all average size for gestational age and with my third and fourth I measured big until around six months. With my third my midwife was really thinking twins, I went in at fourteen weeks and measured close to twenty but an ultrasound that day, she was pretty concerned Smile , showed just one baby measuring only a few days ahead.

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oh and she wasn't actually measuring at that point but my fundus was just under my belly button. I did measure big once she started with the tape though. Until twenty six to twent-eight weeks if I'm remembering correctly

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Sorry for the mispells...nursing at my tablet Wink

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They say with twins you'll have more morning sickness and be extra tired. I totally experienced both of those this time and everyone asked if I'm having twins.

My midwife was telling me about a client who had a perfectly "normal" pregnancy until she measured bigger at 32 weeks. She went in for an u/s (her first one) and sure enough it was twins! Our OBs in town are pretty cool and when she went in for a consult, her response was "well, you saved yourself a lot of extra appts!" lol

Ah yes, my little 12lb girl Smile I always measure big (like 3-5 weeks) and have had easy deliveries, so I wasn't too concerned about her size even when I was measuring 7 weeks ahead. I've always tested negative for GD and figure I just grow big babies and must be built to push them out. Fortunately, I went into labor 10 days early (all my other kids were late). The birth was a little longer than the others (4 hours) and I pushed for 8 minutes. My mw likes to say I had to push until her knees were out - it was the biggest baby she had seen. Anyways, this time I'm following a self-imposed GD diet, because I don't want this baby to be any bigger than he/she needs to be and we'll keep an eye on baby's growth. But, I'm still able to having an other home birth assuming all continued to go well. Smile

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We would re-check at the next appt and if you were still measuring big, we'd send you for an u/s. I wouldn't worry too much right now.

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I measured a few weeks "big" with #6 at several appointments and then towards the end I was measuring a bit "small". I really don't think much about those measurements there are too many things that can affect the measurement.

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I would not worry as much about fundal height. My first indicator of twins was at that first appt with my ob when he did a vaginal exam and my uterus felt big. I'm assuming (but could be wrong lol), that your midwife does a vaginal exam early on? That would be much more telling than just the fundal height.

My fundal measurements with twins were:
21wks measuring 26wks!
23wk measuring 29wks!
26wk measuring 34 weeks!

so maybe if it keeps increasing then worry. lol. I had two single mostly full term pregnancies and 2 miscarriages in the first trimester before my twins, my twins I definitely felt more m/s (though I still never vomited) and so much more tired. But I know many women have twins with little m/s.

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Thanks, friends. I'm really not worried. In my gut, I feel like there is just one baby (one baby girl....)

I decline all VE's-- I don't like anybody's fingers in me. Smile

I'll go for an u/s next Thursday-- so I'll KUP!

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy looking like a small house.

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Well, I conceived spontaneous twins with my third pregnancy, and found out very early on - about 8 weeks, via ultrasound. Not sure I would have figured it out on my own without ultrasound, but I did start measuring ahead of dates before 20 weeks.

I also measured ahead with my last pregnancy (Finn), which turned out to be polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid), which resulted from an anomaly in the baby.

If you continue to measure ahead of dates, I would definitely investigate via ultrasound.

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I measured big with Trystan, and it started about 28 weeks. Once I hit my 34 week appt I was measuring 38 weeks, a full month ahead, so she ordered an U/S. His estimated weight at 37 weeks was 7lbs 12 oz. I was induced at 38 weeks due to being 6cm dilated in the office, and out he came weighing 9lbs 1oz! I'm so glad I didn't go to 40 weeks, who knows how huge he just might have been lol! When they did my U/S they could tell that it was baby, not fluid.

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I ALWAYS measure big, but then again, I also always have huge babies Smile I'm measuring about 3 weeks ahead this time!

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I'm measuring big too. In the last two months I've been 2 weeks ahead. I've put it down to having had twins and so many pgs. Guess my uterus just knows which way to go. I passed my 2hr GTT so no GD. At my last appointment two days ago, I measured just 1? wks ahead. My biggest was 9lb 1oz so they aren't that big really.

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I just wanted to wish you good luck!