Baby #4

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Baby #4

I got my bfp yesterday and am due Jan 20th (or so) with baby #4. I'm very nervous this time, having just had losses in Aug and Feb, so we are praying for a healthy pregnancy. If this works out, the timing will be absolutely perfect. Ds turns 8 february 1st so he will be baptized at the stake baptisms the following saturday (i think the 4th?) so all of dh's family plans to come out to attend that--and possibly be here for his birthday/party as well. So if we could do birthday, then baptism, and then baby blessing on fast sunday, it would be perfect! A busy weekend, for sure, but worth it to have family here! Baby will be small, but Weston was blessed at like 10 days because that was when family would be here. Its such a far drive, that it would much easier on all of them to have it all at once.

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Holly I am so excited for you:D I'll be praying for a very sticky bean!


(I love your siggy pics! The kids are so big!)

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I posted on the Large Families boards but congrats again!

Sticky vibes being sent.

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Congrats Holly! HH9M! Hope that bean sticks!

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Wishing you a HH9M and sending lots of healthy sticky vibes. Congrats!

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Thanks! Only one more week until my first OB visit--hope i get good news!