Baby kitties!!

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Baby kitties!!

I think I mentioned before our mama cat had babies :smile: My MIL recommended she have one litter before being fixed--her experience with pet cats (and she had a lot growing up on a farm) was that the females were better pets if they had one litter. And it was a great experience for our kids :smile: So she has been banished to the house until her spay appointment next week.

On May 4th she had 5 babies--so cute! We've been looking for homes for them and still have 2 left-so I'm putting it up everywhere I can before I have to resort to Craigslist. They are 7 weeks now, and ready to go to new homes next friday the 28th. They are FREE, but I want them to go to someone who really wants one. If you or anyone you know are in Seattle area and wants a kitty, please let me know. We are also going on vacation in the beginning of July and travelling from Seattle to Salt Lake city area--so if you anyone is along that route and wants one, we can deliver Smile

Here is a picture. The 2 black ones on the end are available-both girls-couldn't get a good shot of faces (kittens do not pose lol). The long haired gray/white (also girl) might be available, still waiting to hear if one of dh's friends really wants her or not- he was deciding. They are healthy, active, and cuddly--especially the long haired black. Weaned and eating dry food.