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Just for some conversation....

What is your current church calling? How do you like it?

I'm the CTR 5 teacher and have been for 2 years now--since Joseph and Kaitlyn are only 1 year apart in church classes, I was his teacher last year, and hers this year. I love to be in primary and love to be with my own kids, though they can challenge mom more than they would a different teacher sometimes. I LOVE for lesson helps--it turns my lesson prep into a much less stressful time!

I was just asked what I wanted to do come new years--continue or have a break from primary. I've been in primary for 7 years now, 1 as teacher, then 4 in the presidency, then 2 more as teacher. I don't want to leave, but baby is due mid January, so I might need a little break. But then again, dh pretty much always takes baby to classes with him anyways (he has had to with all of them since I've always been in primary) so I just got on a schedule where I would take the sacrament, then take them out and nurse them all during the rest of sacrament, and then hand baby off to dh for 2 hours of daddy time. As much as I absolutely love primary, I wonder if I might just like a break from lesson prep too....we'll see. I told them I wasn't sure yet.

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I got a calling in the primary right before I got pregnant this time. I loved teaching the CTR 7 class but with the fact that I keep getting sick every few weeks this pregnancy and I didn't feel like I was fulfilling my calling like I should I asked to be released. If this pregnancy would have went as smooth as my other two I would probably still be teaching though.

I think it's a very personal choice. I don't know if I could handle a calling and a newborn, even if DH took the baby, but then again we've never had to worry about that so we aren't used to it. Do what feels right for you and pray about it. Before I asked to be released I prayed that it was right for a couple weeks before I asked.

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I was in the YW for 4 years (3 as counsellor, 1 as president) until this past summer. Then DH got called to the Bishopric, so having me as the YW Pres was a little too much! I got called as a youth Sunday School teacher, so I have all my YW still, plus the boys. I don't love teaching, but I do love the youth!

However, DH just talked to me on Sunday about releasing me. I'm going to be called as the Ward Choir Director (yes, with my baby due in 4 weeks!) I'll have an assistant director who I will essentially be "training" so that she can take over as the Director sometime next year. After that, who knows, but DH said not to expect to be in there for a very long time - probably just a year. As of right now we don't have a ward choir, so I'll be starting one up from scratch, and they'd like us to sing once a month in Sacrament meeting. So, it will be an adventure, especially starting out with a newborn, but a fun challenge!

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I am currently 2nd counselor in the primary. I am needing a break. I have to fight DS #5 to go to nursery, take care of DS #6, and do my primary duties. Not to mention handle the 5 younger boys during sacrament alone since Dh is in the bishopric and DS #1 usually sits on the stand. I am getting burnt out. There are SO many people in our ward that won't do a calling because they have "too much going on" so the rest of us have to pick up the slack. It is frustrating. So I don't see myself getting released anytime soon. Sad

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I just got a new calling in Sept. I'm now the 2nd counselor in the RS. It's been an adventure so far... learning what i'm supposed to do, lol Smile Fortunately ds4 is now in nursery, so all my kids are occupied during church now. Makes things a bit easier.

Speaking of which.... any ideas/suggestions for RS Meetings? I'm on the hunt for all the ideas I can find to work from Smile

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"viiolet" wrote:

Speaking of which.... any ideas/suggestions for RS Meetings? I'm on the hunt for all the ideas I can find to work from Smile

Sunday classes? Enrichment ideas? Social activities? Have you checked out ?

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"mom2robbie" wrote:

Sunday classes? Enrichment ideas? Social activities? Have you checked out ?

All of the above! It's my turn to teach in December, and we're currently figuring out our calendar for next year Smile

I love sugardoodle Smile There are some fabulous ideas on there Smile