I need help deciding

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I need help deciding

So I think I'm going to go ahead and have my neighbor and her daughters do a Henna tattoo on my belly but i'm having a hard time deciding what design to do. I need to pick between one that is easier and more simple and one that's a little more detailed. I'm not sure they can do the detailed stuff but one to have one in mind just in case they can. Smile

1. I wouldn't do the weird thing on top just have them continue the leaf design around the whole flower.

2.One of the more detailed ones.

3. A more simple one.

4. I think I'm considering this more detailed but not sure. lol. Oh and this would be on my belly not on the back like it shows.

5. More simple.

So what do you guys think?

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I'm more in favor is simple beauty, so my vote would be for #1 with the basic leaf all the way around. Also, if you are using it as a focal point for your birth (based on your previous post), you don't want it distracting, so a simpler design will be complimentary to your purpose for it.