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Thread: Introduce Yourself! (All members must participate!!)

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    Default Introduce Yourself! (All members must participate!!)

    Hi everyone!

    As a part of our Board Guidelines we are asking for all members to take a moment to post a note of introduction on this thread along with a statement that says that you have read and agree to abide by both the Board (specific) and Community Guidelines of the site. You are asked to do this BEFORE you participate in other threads on this board. Your introduction may be as short or as detailed as you would like. Hosts will be monitoring to insure that all members have complied. Those failing to do so may find that their access to post on the board is restricted.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

    ~MissyJ (
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    Hi there everyone. i read it and agree

    I'm susan, i have two kids, and a hubby. Two dogs and three cats. Live in ithaca, ny, which is lovely and extremely liberal too, so we fit right in!
    i am extrememly liberal, so far to the left you need binoculars to see me. and an atheist. i am happy that way, despite being raised by a very baptist family.
    Susan, dh Tom, dd Megan, ds Marcus, ds #2 coming Feb, 2014

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    I never knew until that moment how badly it could hurt to lose something you never really had. - Missed Miscarriage at 10 weeks - 3/26

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    I have read and agree

    I am Kathy, a sahm mom to two little girls. Former elementary teacher, in gifted program. Have been very liberal since childhood and, much to my dad's chagrin, have not changed one iota in my 40+ years. I am registered democrat.

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    Read and agree.

    I'm Collette, wife to Joe, mama to Grace(4) and Libby(3), elementary teacher who is teaching preschool till my girls are in school.
    I was raised by ultra conservative Republican parents, my father is a minister. I always disagreed just quietly until my college years and beyond and now am outed as the single Liberal sheep in my family. Registered Dem.

    Collette~mom to Grace (2/28/05) and Libby (07/08/06)

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    I have read and agree.

    I'm Alissa, 29, mommy to Tristan - 15 months, and to Ellie, our dog. We live in a suburb outside of Denver, CO. I'm a registered democrat, married to Jon, a political independent. I was raised in an extremelt conservative Christian home, and DH was raised in a Jewish home (but they are democrats, woohoo LOL). We're both Atheists, to EVERYONE'S chagrin. LOL Hmmm....what else? I mod the Atheist/Agnostic Board and the General Debate Board. I'm pretty liberal, at least comparatively, but I do break away from some of my fellow libs on such issues as gun control and abortion. Sort of. I don't want to make abortion illegal, but I still can't reconcile that it's NOT taking a human life. Rather than making it illegal, I would like to cut down on as many abortions as possible by a) prevention - providing comprehensive sex ed and b) providing a social atmosphere that seeks to uplift women, rather than demonizing single mothers, and government programs that benefit women and children (example, UHC) So yeah. But I'm still pretty darn liberal.
    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

    Got an opinion? We've got a board! Come join us for some lively debate on the Face Off! Debate Arena board.

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    Read and agree.

    I'm Katra (see user ID ). I have 2 boys, Kyle & Ian, and super fantabulous DH, Karl. We live in (Stepford) Suburban Chicago, and actually like it here (I know, scary). DH and I love following politics, particularly our local politics. Our town puts out a weekly paper, and the best part is always the letters to the editor. Without fail, we have no less than 3 pages filled with letters. It's nice to see everyone stepping up and being involved, even if we don't all agree - and the letters sometimes read a bit more like a soap opera

    What else - hmmm.... DH and I are both registered Democrats, and quite proud of it. We consider our leaning to be Progressive. I'm the Democratic Precinct Committee for my district and Congressional Precinct Captain for my town. I'm up for election next year - so make sure you come over and vote for me. February 2, 2010, mmkay? I haven't always been a Democrat, though I do believe that's where my heart was (it's hard admitting something you were falsely raised to believe was evil). I grew up in a strict pentecostal and assemblies of god church and school. My dad is a pastor, so is my Uncle - all of my relatives are involved in church as some level. And then there's me... Always willing to push the envelope and make them think about what is being preached in accordance with the bible. That never went over well with my Uncle. But hey - my parents voted for Obama, so clearly something got through. My brother voted Obama as well - last year was the first year he was eligible to vote For the first time in my life, politics is something that I can discuss in my parents home. Of course we always relate it back to the bible, but that's okay - Jesus would be a democrat anyway
    DH (38 ) ~~ Ian 2/22/07 37wks ~~ Kyle 12/30/03 23.6wks ~~ Konner (Twin Angel) 12/26/03, 23.3 wks

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    I have read the rules. I have been living by them for over 3 years now and have not yet been reprimanded so I guess that means I'm following them

    I'm Tara, dh is Terry. We have a 5 yo dd named Dylan and a 2 1/2 yo ds named Brody. Dd has Asperger's, ds has his evaluation on October 6. I therefore have a Mirena and will no longer be having human children I currently have a cat, dog, turtle (he's 20 freaking years old!!!), and a chinchilla. I was born/raised in Philly where I got my bs and ms from Drexel University, met dh at Drexel when he was dating one of my pledge sisters (we're all still friends), we lived in Chicago for 3 1/2 years before we had dd so dh could get his PhD at Northwestern University in Geotechnical Engineering. Hence, we voted for Obama My entire family is a bunch of teachers so I grew up in a democratic, Jewish, household. My FIL is retired from the government where he (many years ago) worked with Hilary Clinton the first time she tried to draft health care legislation. I am in good democratic company IRL. I used to think I was hell-liberal until I started hanging out with some of you guys and now I'm pretty sure I'm more moderate. Dh is even more moderate than I am, but I told him that I'd never have sex with him again if he didn't vote "correctly." I FIRMLY believe in a woman's right to choose and gun control laws and I HATE country music, so that pretty much means I'm going to be a democrat until the day I die

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    I have read and agree.

    I am Jessica, wife to Ken, mommy to Emily, 4 yrs old. I am an archaeologist in between official jobs, self employed as a sub-consultant studying animal bones from sites a previous employer's company excavated. I wasn't raised religious, but I was raised to be liberal and peace loving from a big time nature lovin' hippie. If being raised on the Beatles, John Denver, and MLK doesn't make you liberal, I don't know what will DH was raised Southern Baptist, and was very unhappy with it. We both converted to Catholicism 3 years ago. We don't agree with every stance the Church takes, but it's so much better than what DH grew up with, and my experience with the baptist church as well.

    In addition to DD, we have a lab mix, an English springer spaniel and a Siamese cat who rules our household.

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    I read the rules and agree.

    I am Jillian (30) married to Gary (33). We have one son Grady Luke (2). We live in small town Alabama surrounded by a lot of people that don't share our views. My dad is retired Navy and my mom stayed home with me and my sister and brother. I still live 5 minutes away from my dad, but my mother passed away from breast cancer in 2003. She was my best friend. My husband is a welder and worked as a Union Pipefitter/Welder until 1.5 years ago. The job market forced him to work non union to avoid the traveling. Luckily he is close to home and the money is good enough that I can stay home with Grady. Health insurance is a big issue now though which is why I am a supporter of UHC. I think it is a moral issue and I make no bones about the fact that I think anyone who doesn't support UHC is a hateful person LOL!!

    DH and I are both Atheists and we don't talk about that with any of our family (except my sister who is pretty much Atheist too). All of our family is pretty religious otherwise. Most of them are big hypocrites though I was raised a southern Baptist and DH was raised with some baptist and some pentecostal influence. They are crazies. DH has always been skeptical, whereas I held on to some faith for many years. I have only recently felt comfortable stating my true beliefs. It is liberating! lol.

    I love all types of music. I still like rap with lots of cuss words (can't help it). I love my DVR and without it I wouldn't be able to stay addicted to television. There isn't much time for tv with a 2 year old. I have made a few awesome birthday cakes recently and I think I might have a knack for it. I love facebook and perez hilton. I check both several times a day! I watch a lot of CNN and MSNBC. Not as much as I used too (2 year old issue again).

    That's about it.
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    DS-Grady Luke (9-25-07)

    The Family at WDW November 2009

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    I have read and agree!

    I'm Sandy, married to Noah for almost 10 years, and mommy to Lucas, 3 and Ryan, almost 1 years old.

    Here are 10 things about me

    1) I don't know when I became a "liberal" but I think I have always fought against the injustice of others.

    2) I am a "Renthead" - which means I've seen the show Rent a lot. Like an embarresing amount of times. I am also a general theater geek.

    3) I'm a grad student getting an MFA in Writing children's LIterature - I write primarily YA Fiction

    4) I'm overweight and need to start working out again.

    5) I spend way too much time online.

    6) I grew up in Rhode Island, moved to MA - got married and we moved to Charlottesville, VA so that my hubby could get his PhD. As soon as he was done, we moved back to Mass and I'm so glad to be back in 'blue' country (though VA went blue this time WOO!)

    7) My oldest was kicked out of preschool because they think he may be on the spectrum. So far, all his evaluations have proven otherwise.

    I love reality tv.

    9) I listen to more talk radio than music. My favorite is actually Opie and Anthony - who stand for everything I'm supposed to hate, but they make me laugh.

    10) I have a crush on Jon Stewart.

    Nice to meet you all!
    mom to Lucas 9/8/06 and Ryan 10/14/08

    Sandy's little monster is turning one!

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