What to do when you read an offensive post

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What to do when you read an offensive post

It is highly recommend that Democrats and Liberals stay off of the opposing party's political forum. We are of opposing political points of view and occasionally the other view can be infuriating. You are, of course, allowed to read anywhere you like. But, should you read something there that infuriates you, please consider this advice:

We need to treat these two boards like a holiday party. You sit with those that you know you will have a good conversation with. You sit with people you will be comfortable with, so that you can enjoy your evening. You aren't going to go sit with the polar opposite couple, because you know that things can sour at the drop of a hat. So we need to sit on our side of the room and they can sit on theirs.

If you notice that there is a post that is in clear violation of the rules, please - by all means - bring it to one or all of the mod's attention(s) on this board. However we all have lives, jobs, children, spouses, fill in the blank. The mods on this board want to do everything we can to allow this board to run smoothly, but coming to us because you read something you didn't agree with on the Con board is not an issue we want to deal with.

It is obvious that the two boards have a yin and yang effect. We can all come together under one grouping, but its the details that kill us every time. We need to leave one another alone - plain and simple. If you read something that really flames you, stop reading it. Its like intentionally listening to a song that you know will make you cry when you are sad / depressed. Don't listen to the song! You keep hitting play and eventually the CD won't work anymore. If people keep reading the opposing boards and complaining about what they are posting, eventually the boards will be wiped clean. None of us want to see that, mods included.

So again - if you read something that is in clear violation of the rules, bring it to someone's attention. If not, please do not notify the mods about the post. We want to enjoy our lives and not be tethered to our inboxes. If you have a question, feel free to ask a mod about it - but not in a negative way. Consider PMing the mod of the board where you read the post first, then PM us here if you need more help.

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