What are your thoughts about reelection?

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What are your thoughts about reelection?

Did you want someone to primary Obama?

For me, I've been disappointed many times over. No President is perfect, but over the past 3 years there were too many times he'd caved in. He wanted a bi-partisan Congress and it got him no where. Also, the ties he has with bank lobbyist like Jack Lew and Broderick Johnson. Also, the fact it's taken this long to tax the rich. When Democrats had control over both houses, they didn't take any opportunity to ditch Bush's tax cuts for the rich, clearly indicating even the DEMs wanted to bank some cash.

I was inspired by the SOTU last night but questioned a few items he'd mentioned: natural gas extraction, working the the GOP on entitlements (decoding that means, Soc. Sec. and Medicare).

I was surprised he didn't mention Section 1021 of the NDAA. That was a deal breaker for me to sit on the fence. I didn't even want to give him my vote for that reason alone. But the scary thought of any of those GOP candidates getting into office and abusing that power is horrifying.

Having someone primary PBO, would have pushed PBO more to come back down to earth and connect with his voters.