2nd Birthdays

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2nd Birthdays

So, everyone's second birthday is coming up.

Now that our LO's are old enough to have interests, are you theming your parties around said interests?

Benjamin loves his Grover books. And he likes Elmo. And he seems to have just developed a great fondness for trains over the last few days. (He runs around saying "Choochoo! Choochoo!")

Haven't decided if I'm using any of those for a party theme yet, though. Then again, we're May 1st, so we'll be one of the last. But I do have to get my invitations out to friends and family...

What has everyone else decided on?

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I don't know if I'm really doing a theme. I'm not having a big party. It's just going to be us and maybe the IL's and maybe our honorary grandpa. The week before we will probably go to the zoo and stuff since her birthday is the day after Easter and that whole weekend is taken up. So not sure yet. I'm also going to do cupcakes this year for her. I do want to find a childs size baby carrier for her dolls (the kind you wear). She always shoves her baby in a bag so I think she'd like that. If I can't find one I will have to settle for one she can carry around. Not sure what else were are getting her. Not too much this year. Can't wait to hear everyone else's plans.

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We are doing a sports theme. Randy LOVES football. That's his most used word. I HATE football, but I am doing it for him. When it comes to themes though- the cake is the only thing that actually has a theme. The rest is just white plates and cups and napkins! Smile

As for gifts....I have no clue. My only idea was a tee, bat, and ball or a swing set. Those are my only ideas.

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We haven't really given it much thought but we're not really having much of a party so I doubt we'll be doing a theme.

As for gifts I have no clue what to get him. I want to get him a play kitchen or tool bench or something along those lines since he seems to be getting into pretending a bit more these days, but we have no room in the house for anything like that. My mom is thinking of getting a little swingset with a slide or something similar as kind of a combined gift for both of the boys.

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I don't think we will have much of a party. Cake will probably be at Easter dinner, I will make him a train cake 'cause he's obsessed with Thomas, and trains in general. How fortunate that a very busy train track runs about 200 ft. from our house! Smile Right in my mom's back yard basically!

Colin is due to go back out of town for work again this year(why always at b-day time? Mine is May 6th) so when he gets back I think we will take a little family trip to Squamish, about an hour and a half from here, to the Railway Heritage Park. They have lots of old train cars you can wander through, and a little miniature train ride too. Oh well. If we wait until mid-May, the weather might be a little nicer Smile

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We are doing an Elmo themed birthday this coming Saturday. Kaelan absolutely adores Elmo so he should enjoy it. I considered doing a Disney Cars theme but Elmo is cuter IMO. I bought some generic red and orange paper plates, cups, plastic wear, and napkins. I bought two rolls of Elmo streamer from amazon for cheap. I bought a 5 foot tall mylar balloon that is a big Elmo doll basically, also rather inexpensive. I will buy more orange and red regular balloons too for added color. I have an Elmo shaped cake pan so I need to find bright red food coloring for that still, I will be making 2 cakes because we are having lots of people over.

I love entertaining so we will have the family/kiddy party at 3pm and then have an "adult" party at 6pm. By adult I don't mean excessive drinking and such, just some close friends and not such a kiddy atmosphere. Kaelan loves spending time with our friends so it will be fun for him.

I'm excited for this weekend! Sunday is his actual birthday which we will spend just as a family. I bought 3rd row tickets for Madagascar Live off of groupon our something, they were a great deal and I know kaelan will love it.

For the party food wise we are doing burgers, turkey burgers, and veggie burgers as well as appetizers.

For his presents we got him an easel that also doubles as a black board and white board, a nice solid wood toddler table and chair set, as well as several small activities for the table such as puzzles, finger paints, chalks, new markers etc. Hailey will certainly enjoy these things once she gets a little bigger too.

Here is his party invite I sent out a couple of weeks ago, it isn't Elmos but I had fun designing it:

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Allyson birthday is on Wednesday, I am not having a party for her. She will have a Bubble Guppies cake and is getting a magna doodle and tricycle for her birthday. I debated getting her an ergo carrier for her dolls, but think Christmas may be a better time for that. I have a doll moby wrap that she hates to have on very long.

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"Melissas_crew" wrote:

Allyson birthday is on Wednesday, I am not having a party for her. She will have a Bubble Guppies cake and is getting a magna doodle for her birthday. I debated getting her an ergo carrier for her dolls, but think Christmas may be a better time for that. I have a doll moby wrap that she hates to have on very long.

Where do you find those carriers at?

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Amazon. Search for kid doll carriers or brands like ergo, beco and moby.

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No theme here Smile After all is said and done, we will have celebrated his b-day 3 times, so just a few balloons, streamers etc each time. His b-day is tomorrow actually and we're just going to IHOP with me, his sister and my DH for b-day pancakes (they give the b-day child a free rooty tooty pancake meal I think if you sign them up).

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We are doing a little family and close friends party, nothing big. It is going to be Spongebob Squarepants themed. I asked Isla what kind of party she wanted and she said "a PINK spongebob squarepants party". So I have spongebob plates and napkins and a spongebob ballon bouquet, and a spongebob cupcake holder, but the table clothe is pink and the cupcakes are going to be pink. She also wanted party hats, so we are going to have to get those too. Your party sounds fun Andy! But we are having a big "adult" themed party two weeks later, so this one is going to small.

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Brooke turned 2 March 27th, so we've already had her party. We did a Minnie Mouse theme, since she really likes Micky Mouse Clubhouse. We rented this climbing area at a nearby church & had family and friends come (I am involved in a moms' group & have several really close friends with kids the same ages as both of mine, so it's a lot of kids to invite). Brooke had a lot of fun, and she blew her candles out all by herself. I can't believe she's 2 already!

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We are having a Thomas themed party tomorrow. Damien loooooves Thomas

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For gifts, we got him a nice wooden kitchen set. He loves it!
We also got a Thomas lego set and a tricyle. My mom got him a Thomas set and a Cars sleeping bag

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May was 2 on Tuesday, and we're having her party tomorrow. We're not having a theme, but she loves kitties so I'm making her a kitty cake.

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The birthday party is on hold over here- Colin is leaving for at least 5 weeks on Sunday, so we will postpone until he gets back. If I had gotten more than 4 days notice that he was leaving(that was his work, not him) then maybe I could've done something this weekend, but whatever. Cooper won't know the difference anyways.

I think we will do the same as last year, just have a cupcake and sing HB on his actual b-day.

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I think I'm going to do cupcakes over here too. I may need to buy another cupcake pan though as they usually make 24 and I only have one.

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we did a fishing theme -- BUT, Quentin didn't really have a huge interest until just the past 2 weeks or so-- he's in love with ELMO! Since we had already sent invites and had the stuff for the party, we just added an ELMO helium balloon Smile

The party was this past saturday. invites were cute with the following wording: Quentin is fishing for you, come help him reel in the age of 2!

We played a game where the kids got to fish with a pole that catches magnetic fish. And we had a fish pinata. The kids got fishing pails, gold fish crackers, nemo fruit snacks and their own little fishing game as the goody bags.

The Cake had the image from his invites...a little boy fishing. We served fruit (blueberries, grapes, canteloup and watermelon), mac-n-cheese from Boston Market, chips, parmesan crusted tilapia filets, shrimp and mini corn dogs. We also had hot cross buns and sugar cookies -- the cookies were fish and the number 2. It all turned out cute! Lots of the photos are blurry, Quentin just doesn't hold still! But we did get a few good ones. Once I get them posted online, I'll share the link.

Presents: We decided to just put some money into his college fund. But, we also just got a toy storage unit that both kids share (Ill post a pic - I love it!). He got lots of gifts from family and friends. Our neighbors gave Quentin a little fish tank with two small tropical type fish. He loves it!! His birthday is Thursday, so he will get to open presents from my family that are coming in the mail and also a gift from Kendall -- she really wants to give him something, so we are letting her pick something out tomorrow night!

If people are looking for ideas, these are Quentins favorites right now:
Fisher Price Cash Register
Fisher Price Piggy Bank -- it comes with large plastic coins you put in and can take out
toddler style remote controlled car (i'd have to check the brand -- its really nice)
He also likes to play with dishes/kitchen stuff (we had it already from Kendall) and the fisher price my 1st doll house figures.

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At the moment Jacobs bday is a bit up in the air, there will be no party as we don't really know enough people anymore. But I think I'll make him a turtle cake as he loves turtles, I was going to do an ocean cake but thought that might be being a bit adventurous, we'll see. As for presents we have already got him the cars & finding nemo DVDs and will maybe be getting him a trike. I guess as we arent having a party we can spend a bit more on pressies. If we do anything it'll probably be bowling or dinner.
I did consider a Thomas or car themed day but to be honest I'm done with those already lol