Another Year

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Another Year

Sierra turned 11 today. I can't believe she has grown up so much.

Man I love her, but she has turned into a mouthy little witch. She constantly is talking back to me and Colin, screaming at me, just being in general defiant and super difficult.

Colin is no help, as he just makes snide comments as she's yelling at me. I tell him to stop, that it doesn't help me, but he just keeps going until I just get so pi$$ed off at both of them I feel like leaving the house.

I am so scared of what she's going to be like in a couple years. I already feel like kicking her out sometimes, sending her to go live with her father(although I never actually would) sometimes I think that HE can deal with her(yeah, right).

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Wow, I can't believe that she is 11!! Time just goes by so fast. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with her. I wish that I had some advice to give you, just hang in there. I am guessing that she is acting out in part because of the stressful situation with your ex. She probably feels like you are a safe person to let out some of those negative feelings on. Of course that doesn't make it okay. I know you have her in counseling, so maybe her counsellor can give you some advice. I hope that the situation improves!

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Oo, there's no stress like tweeny stress! Sorry to hear that you get no backup from Colin on it. Sad Hopefully she outgrows it sooner than later. Big hugs!

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It's no fun when they back talk. Wait until she's 18 yo :rolleyes: Seriously I want to knock mine through the roof sometimes. Good kid, but he has NO motivation, NO job, and NO incentive to do anything. I now know how those 40 yo end up still living at home.