Can i join you ladies?

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Can i join you ladies?

My little man Gavin was born march 25, 2009. me and SO are hoping to add a little girl soon. wish us luck and baby dust.

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Welcome! We are always happy to "meet" new people Smile

I'm Andrea, my April baby is Cooper. I also have a daughter Sierra, who turned 11 in June. Good luck TTC, have you guys been trying long?

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no we just started trying. the only problem is that i havent had af for 2 months and am not really sure what is going on. maybe it is the medication i am on or something i dunno. But hopefully AF will rear her ugly head soon and we will be able to start trying.

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Welcome! GL with TTC!
I have one daughter, Isla, and I am newly pregnant with my second.

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Welcome to the April Love Bugs!! I'm Angela one of the co-hosties here. My Love Bug is Faith and yes that picture in my siggy is over a year old so she looks NOTHING like that now. And yes I know I need to update it, but as you will quickly learn I'm technologically and photo challenged so it takes me forever to take and share pictures. We have 3 other kiddos all boys so Faith is our only girl. Two of my kiddos have special needs, one of which has heart problems so sometimes you may hear about them as well.

Now that you've found us, don't be a stranger.

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Hi and welcome! Looks like you jumped right in which is awesome. I'm the other co-host. My April baby is Kaelan and his little sister Hailey is a year now.

Good luck with your TTC. There are several of us here that are TTC so you are in good company. I will be starting in a month or 2.

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Hello and welcome Smile my April lovebug is Parker. He has an older brother, Johnny. Nice to see a new face around here. GL with TTC

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Welcome!! The ladies on this board are fantastic... feel free to post anytime!!

I am Julie, my April baby is Noah. He has a big sister Olivia, she's 4. I am currently 36wks pregnant expecting our third on Nov.23....

Good Luck with your TTC journey!