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Check in/Update

I haven't been on here in forever! Luckily I "see" most of you all on FB.

Vivi had her 2 year checkup the other day. Everything went pretty well--she weighs 24 lbs 4 oz (19th%), is 33 7/8 inches tall (50th%) and her head is 18.5 inches (25th%?). There is some concern that her head has not grown much during the past year, but we think maybe her 12 month measurement was not very accurate (it was really high for her, percentage wise). We are going back to have it checked in 3 months. I want to keep an eye on it. Other than that, she is very healthy and happy and talks constantly. She keeps us laughing all the time with the funny things she says. Oh, and we switched her to skim milk so the whole family can drink the same stuff.

In other news, Vivi started a "preschool" (daycare) a couple of weeks ago. She had been in an in-home daycare with just the babysitter's kids. She is absolutely loving "preschool" and is excited to go every day. What a blessing that is--I am so happy and relieved that she likes it. I thought she would, but you never know. They have tons of outside playtime. It's a really nice place.

Also, we are moving to a new house next week (same town). It's much bigger and exactly what we've always wanted, and we hope to stay in it until the "kids" leave the nest or longer! I am so excited, but so stressed at the same time.

Finally, we are going to start TTC in June!

Our lives are crazy right now!

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Thank you for checking in. I bet it was they just measured wrong before. Glad they are watching it though. Yay for moving!! But at the same time what a headache. If we could ever get a master bath and walkin closet I would never move until I'm old. Of course I'd have to pay someone a fortune to take care of the yard, but maybe by then I will know what I'm doing so I can make it less work. And yay for TTC!! Someone else to stalk.

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Sounds like V is doing so well, she is quite the little talker huh!?! Good luck with the move, I'm hoping to be in the position to buy our long term home within 3 years, maybe even 2. Moving is stressful but it will be over soon enough.

I'm excited about the TTC news, June will be here before we know it. I can't believe it is May!

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Great to "hear" from you! It sound like V is doing well! I am sure that the ped just mismeasured. That happened to Isla at her 9 month and then she was WAY off at 12, but it was really just that they measured her height wrong. That is really exciting about the move! We want to get into a bigger house in the next 2 years, with two dogs ONE child it is already pretty cramped. GL TTC, June is really soon, I hope it happens quickly for you guys. I went off BC in March, but we are preventing other ways until August when we will really TTC. Maybe it will happen right away and we will be on the same BB again!

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Exciting! You've got so much going on! Congrats on everything! Biggrin