Crazy Day

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Crazy Day

I took Cooper to the dr. this morning for his 2 year check-up. Everything was fine, she says he's got excema, and gave me some Aveeno stuff to try. His skin is terrible. She told me too to switch to a laundry soap labeled "free", so we'll see if that helps any.

He weighs 30 lbs. although I think this may be off a bit, as he wouldn't stand on the scale and she had to weigh both of us, and then me by myself to get his, so I doubt it was fully accurate. I think he is heavier than that. He is 35.5" tall. Wow!!

So then we went to my friends place to drop some stuff off to her, we stayed for a while and I got baby snuggles(her little guy is 2 mos. old), then went to the DMV so I could renew my license, it expires tomorrow on my b-day.

Then I was going by the mall and thought oh I'd like to go into Zellers and see if they have the wool I'm looking for, and I'll go to Sears too and make an appt. for Cooper's b-day pics. I went into Sears, made the appt. then headed toward the mall exit. The gate was pulled down, and I could see all the stores had their gates closed too. So I went to go back out the way we came, and that door was closed too. The whole mall was on lockdown Sad Apparently one of the jewellery stores was robbed, there were shots fired, so the RCMP shut the whole thing down, evacuated the rest of the mall, but for some reason we were all locked in. Not sure if it was all the outlying stores or just Sears, but....

So we were in there for 2 hours. I didn't have anything with me, no stroller, no sippy, no snacks, and no diapers!! And he pooped! I really didn't want to have to buy dipes there, I figured if they even had them, they'd be so expensive. So I went to the bathroom and dumped the poop in the toilet, wiped him as best I could with TP, and put the diaper back on.

We wandered around, and he opened all the fridges, tested out all the mattresses, checked the exercise equipment, and sat on the lawn tractors.

They gave us some $5 gift cards, and put out some gross cookies, but we were starving! Finally we got let out just in time for me to get to school to pick up Sierra.

I wish I'd gone to Zellers first, they have a restaurant in there and we could've eaten! Haha. And they have a pantry section with all kinds of "dry" foods. Cookies, crackers, etc. and juice and stuff.

Blah!! I'm glad to be home Smile

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I saw your post on FB. That is insane. Two hours is crazy. At least they gave you gift cards. Did they catch the guy? And does Sears sell diapers? I would have been up a creek as I take Faith in just panties. So if she were to have an accident I would have had to buy a whole new outfit and panties. Let me know how the Aveeno stuff works. Faith and Eli both have excema BAD.

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They did end up catching the guys. There were 5 of them. Seems they were under police surveillance for another unrelated matter. Not close enough surveillance I guess. No one was hurt though, so that was good.

I never saw any diapers as we were wandering through the store, but I wasn't in the baby section lol. Cooper didn't want to go look at clothes, too bad because they were offering an extra 50% off all the clearance clothes Smile

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Benjamin has eczema as well. At first, I hoped it was just a seasonal thing, but not so much. Sad Aveeno was good up to a point, but I found a recipe for a homemade salve that does a good job. It suppresses the itching/redness, but sadly doesn't smooth the skin like a lotion would.

Cooper sounds like he's growing great! Sorry to hear you got stranded for two hours at the mall, but glad everything ended well. You sound like you did a great job of making do with the unexpected for sure! Biggrin