Dressing Themselves

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Dressing Themselves

Do your kiddos dress themselves? Faith does for the most part. She has a little trouble with socks and shirts, but the rest is you lay it out how she is suppose to put in on she will get it on. And the shirts and socks she tries and almost gets. She does WAAAAAAAAAAY better for me because DH does things out of habit and I think likes to make things difficult for himself. I'm just very excited about this. Do any other LO's dress themselves? My boys were just delayed so this is awesome for me.

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Cooper tries sometimes to put his pants on. He does pretty good, considering, sometimes they end up on backwards, or he tries to put both legs into one leg hole. He understands the concept of socks, and how they go on, but he only uses one hand, so he can't get it on. I've tried to show him to stretch it out and hold with both hands, but, he's 2. :rolleyes:

His big thing now is UN-dressing. Diaper and all Sad

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Nope. My son turns 4 on Tuesday, and we're still working on this with him! Brooke does get her pull-up off and on, and she can undress herself, but not get dressed.