First Haircut

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First Haircut

We are going to take Viv to get her hair trimmed this weekend and take pictures and everything. Basically, she has a headful of cotton candy fluff with this longer, stringy mullet in the back. Awesome, right? Poor kid. I can't believe the hair some of your girls (and boys) have! Pigtails, ponytails, braids!?!? My girl has finally just recently got hair all over her head (as opposed to just in the back).

She will get "real" hair eventually, right? It's odd, because I have always had TONS of hair. It is crazy thick.

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Awww, she getting so big! She will definitely eventually get hair. I have a friend whose daughter had "male pattern baldness" hairline for the first two years, but now (at almost four) has a head of thick, beautiful curls. It will happen!

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I don't know if it will be the same for a girl, but Cooper's hair grew in a lot thicker and coarser once I finally cut his hair(like proper with the clippers). He has big boy hair as opposed to baby hair.

Make sure you post some pics Smile

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Love the pics on FB so far. V will get her hair in soon enough, she is still little even if it doesn't feel like it. I had to laugh a little because Hailey had to have the same trim to fix the stringy mullet in the back 6 months ago. Don't worry, V looks beautiful right now and is very feminine, she doesn't need pig tails and all that stuff. I'm sure you'll have fun with it once you can though.

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I saw the FB pics too. She is adorable and very feminine. She'll eventually get hair. I know people's whose kids were bald until they were 3 and now have beautiful thick hair for which I am jealous since I have thin fine flat do nothing hair.

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Of course she will get hair! I think it's more common to not have a lot, even at this point, then to be shaggy like my girl is. I just make hairy kids; they both had their 1st haircuts by about 4 months.