Happy Easter, darling...

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Happy Easter, darling...

There was a card for Daddy in the bottom of Benjamin's Easter basket...

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Wow! Congrats! And what a cute way to tell your DH Biggrin

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Awesome! Congratulations! BTW- love the illustrations!

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I LOVE it!! That is awesome! Congrats! Another love bug sibling.

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Congrats!!! Yahoo What a cute way to tell DH Biggrin

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Congratulations!! I love the card, it's too cute Smile

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Oh! Emily is adorable!

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Ah how exciting, congrats to you! What a fun way to tell DH.

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Aww that is so cute! I bet he was excited/surprised/over the moon Smile

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So cute! What a neat idea! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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Cute idea and congrats!!