I have a bike rider!!!!!

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I have a bike rider!!!!!

So finally, after a lot of years of not doing anything about it, I signed Sierra up for this bike camp. It's called Pedalheads. When I spoke to the woman, she suggested that instead of the 1/2 day camp, that I put her into private lessons. If she was in a camp, they classify the groups by ability, not age, so she would have been with kids that are 4-6 years old. With the private lesson she would get the same amount of instruction, and the cost wasn't too much more. It was $190 for 5- 1 hr. lessons, but on Sunday she was still riding with training wheels, and Monday she was off them!! She asked to go back to the park after dinner that night to practice.

She hasn't looked back. She has done so well, learned how to use her gears, and hand signals. The girl who taught her said that if she was to come back to a camp, she would be in Level 3, almost level 4 Smile

I am so proud of her!!!

Also glad because we have a camping trip booked for Aug. 8, we're going up to Alice Lake, which is near Whistler(2010 Olympics) and there is a nice bike trail around a lake there that we can now go ride around! I bought myself a bike a while back, and a trailer for Cooper to ride in.


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Yay Sierra!!! How awesome. That must make you happy to watch her.

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WTG Sierra!! Bike riding is so much fun. That's something she will be able to enjoy for the rest of her life.

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I was a late bike rider too. We just didn't have bikes so I never practised. I had a scooter and a skateboard that I was a pro on, but no bike. Definitely worth learning regardless of age though. That is cool that there are lessons for it and that they worked so well. Good job Sierra!