I'm Excited!

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I'm Excited!

That my Canucks are starting the playoffs tonight!! I know, I know, most of you probably don't care too much about hockey Smile

I've got a huge flag hanging in my front window, and I've been working on Cooper trying to teach him to say "Go Canucks Go". So far we have "go kuk go" which is a darn good start haha. Everytime he sees a car flag, or a logo anywhere, he says it Smile

Here's hoping we go deep this year!!!!

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I actually love hockey. I like it in person much better. Too bad I don't have a passport and I have a gas hog for a vehicle.

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Bwahaha! Too cute!

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How cute!

I am not into hockey much, I think the penguins made it to the playoffs too.

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It's a little late for now, but Angela, you should take the kids to watch Tri-cities, or Seattle, or Everett!! But go when they play the Giants Wink

We didn't get to any Giants games this year Sad Or Abbotsford Heat, that's our AHL team, they are the Calgary Flames farm team.

Melissa- the Penguins are in, they're playing Tampa Bay. Smile

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I don't know much about hockey at all, but that is so cute that Cooper says "go kuks go" Smile love the way they talk at this age!