Language Explosion

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Language Explosion

Anyone else LO that hadn't been talking much before, and now is talking a lot more??

Cooper was full of just gibberish until about 3 weeks ago, now all of a sudden he has quite a few more words. I know, oh way(go away), last night pitty(pretty), this morning came titty(I know how that looks haha, he means kitty).

No was on it's own for a while, then he learned yeah, and now it's a little easier to find out what he wants.

Peepee, poopoo, pee-you, ball.

Still not near as much as Sierra was talking at this age, but what a difference a few weeks make Smile

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Haven't hit it yet, but am looking forward to the copycat stage. We were at the library yesterday and came across an 18-month-old who was really good at repeating everything his mom said. It helped me realize that Benjamin's comprehension is really good, but his ability to talk is still about as limited as it was a few months ago. I'm looking forward to him reaching that next milestone.

Of course, once he does hit it, DH is going to have to be more careful with the vocabulary he uses for his online gaming, heh. Blum 3

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Faith is still about the same. She signs a lot so I know what she wants. She really never has to whine for basic things. I think she says a lot of words but she doesn't pronounce things well yet. I'm sure she would still be considered normal for her age.

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Mason's vocab/talking has been like that for awhile now, but I agree it felt like his development just exploded overnight when it did happen. He is definitely in the parrot stage now, which means we now have to watch what we say a bit more Blum 3 And his words and phrases are becoming much clearer now too. Its crazy how fast they learn!

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Allyson still has maybe 10 words max, if even that.

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Oh yes, Brooke has always been a talker, but recently she has started saying phrases and sentences. "That's better." "I don't like it." She talks so much more than Jack did at this age.