Minot Flood update (6/27)

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Minot Flood update (6/27)

Hi All:

The river crested – set all time record high at 1561.72 (flood stage is 1549); the previous record from 130 yrs ago was 1558. The city is on a boil / conserve water order, phone lines are down (except cell phones), and they keep losing power. The risk now is the expected minimum week long high water levels and the current/speed of the river compromising the levees/dikes around town. For now it’s just wait and see time.

My parents are still evacuated and will be for some time; but so far, their zone (5) is dry thanks to the secondary levee/dike. There is a collapsed bridge putting pressure on the secondary levee/dike. This bridge is 2 blocks from my parents. The city was trying to remove it, but gave up on that effort and instead is hoping to reinforce the dike.

My aunt/uncle however are flooded – don’t know at this time how bad, but at least their basement. Judging by pictures we have found online, it might be to their roof.

Do you have facebook? If so, you can view a couple of photo and/or video collections of the area via the KX News Minot page or my profile page (https://www.facebook.com/christa.medinger). There is a photo collection from a boat tour taken 6-26 and an aerial photo collection from 6-25.

Video is posted to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBoclslZ_bg&feature=share

Keep the prayers coming!

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I saw the pics on FB Christa and it looks devastating. My thoughts are with the people affected by this. I am glad to hear that your parents are dry still! And I hope your aunt and uncle's house is relatively unaffected.

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I'm so sorry for you aunt and uncle's house and what they are going through. I'm glad your parents are dry though. Did your family have flood insurance? My friend's home that was damaged in a storm from the hillslide/mudslide didn't. And they found out that even if it had been for some reason flood insurance wouldn't have covered it because it wasn't the creek that runs along their property that did the damage. Is FEMA or any of the other agencies involved yet? I'm keeping them in my prayers and appreciate your updates. My SIL has family there as well, but she hasn't posted on how they are or anything.