My Big Boy!!

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My Big Boy!!

So, a while back when I had the kids at the dentist, we talked about getting rid of the soother by Cooper's 2nd b-day. So at the beginning of April, I started, I poked a hole in it. The dental hygenist said that's what she tried, her kid decided it was "broken" and gave it up. Cooper, not so much. After the hole, I started cutting bits off of it, every few days. He has been clinging to less than 1/4" of soother for weeks. Finally last night we asked him if he wanted to throw it away, and he went to the garbage and put it in!

I let him keep the clippy string thing, I could care less if he sleeps with that until he's in high school LOL, but the soother is history!! Hooray!


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:woohoo: That is excellent news.

I so wish Faith would have taken the pacifier/soother. Because unfortunately I cannot throw away her thumb. LOL I'm going to have to put the nasty tasting stuff on it. I just don't know when. Maybe when Dakota gets out of school. That way if she is too cranky I can at least attempt a nap at some point.

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WTG Cooper!! Yahoo

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Yay Cooper!

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Very cool! Kaelan regressed when Hailey was born in terms of the pacifier but only at night when he slept. I finally got it away from him too so IKWYM in terms of worrying that they will have it forever. WTG Cooper!