Prayer Request -- Flood Evacuations (UPDATED)

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Prayer Request -- Flood Evacuations (UPDATED)


My parents and sister Dyan are under mandatory evacuation orders because of the flooding in North Dakota. Please say prayers for everyone's safety and to minimize the expected damage to the house! The entire area could use all the thoughts and prayers you can offer!

It appears the river has crested! Rain may still cause issue, but so far, the majority of levees have held and the flooded areas has not spread much beyond those already impacted. Looks like all evacuated residents (10,000+ and the zoo animals); will not be allowed to return to their homes for at least a week. The Army Corp of Engineers is advising that the river levels shrink below a certain point before they would consider the risk to be minimal for a future levee collapse.

If there are any changes, I’ll send an update; in the mean time, thank you for the thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming for continued positive outcomes!

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Oh goodness. I haven't heard anything about it! That's awful. T&P's with you and your family!!!!

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I'm in Bismarck dealing with all the flooding here too! Thankfully, my own home is safe. So hard to believe that 5 years ago many boat ramps were inaccessible due to low water, and now they can't be used because the water is too high. Your family is my prayers!

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Thank you for the update. It sounds like it could have been much worse that it already was. Hope the week goes quickly so your parents and sister can return home.

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I have been thinking of them as I see the reposrts on the news. I'm glad that the immediate danger is over, hopefully the rain stays away for a while.