Quentin - 2 yr stats!

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Quentin - 2 yr stats!

So, Quentin turned 2 yesterday and he had his well baby check. Got one shot, but did pretty well with it. He is tiny, but on his own growth curve so all is well Smile

He is now:
24 pds, 5oz (10%)
33-1/2 inches (27%)
50-1/2 cm Head (90%)

Just for fun, I looked up Kendall's 2 yr stats. She was small too, but weighed more and was at a higher percentage for girls than Quentin is for boys! Kendall was 25pds, 4oz. (33%) and 33.5 inches (43%)

How is everyone else's kiddos?!

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Funny how close both your kiddos were at 2.

Faith's WCC isn't until Tuesday next week. I think she's hovering around the same though.

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I really should call and make an appt. I'm so lazy about that. I have to make an appt. for myself as well, and try and get a referral to a dermatologist, and get my fingers looked at. they are just terrible.

Anyways, I think Cooper is pushing 30 lbs. if not past it, he's such a chunk. I don't know how tall he is, and the doc never tells me his head circ. in inches, so I have no idea. His head is big though haha!

I was at my friends' the other day, and she has a daughter who will be 3 in June or July, and they are the same height, and Cooper totally is heavier than her. Crazy!!

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Henry is 28.8#
and 33", not sure where that sits on any scale, I just measured him at home Smile

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No solid numbers here, but Benjamin bopped his head on the bottom of the breakfast bar when he stood up under the overhang. I was surprised--- I hadn't thought he was that tall yet!

Your little guy sounds like he's coming along fabulously!

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Kaelan is 36" tall and 28lbs. He was at 29lbs 6 months ago but the doctor isn't worried considering his activity level has grown considerably and he is gaining height still. He certainly looks tall and skinny to me but that is no surprise since DH is 6'4 and has like 8% body fat.

Sounds like everyone is growing well. Midori, IKWYM about not realizing how tall they are sometimes. I always think that Kaelan is a short little dude but that is starting to not be the case.

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May had her check up on Monday. she was 26lbs and 34.5in. The ped was happy bc she'd dropped to the 25%tile for weight and 50%tile for height at her 18mo. Now she's back to 50th and 75th.

Rory had his 2mo the next day and he's in the 97th%tile for both. 14lbs 6oz and 24 3/4in.