Random Updates.

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Random Updates.

B enjoys watching baseball with Daddy. He likes putting on an oven mitt (like a catcher), pulling Grandma's painting cap on over his eyes so he can't see, grabbing his bowling pin or recorder (like a bat), crouching into a fabulously cute batting stance, fixing his gaze directly in the opposite direction over his shoulder, and having us throw a ball at him to hit. (Sometimes a football, sometimes a small playground-type ball.) Ahh, he'll be ready for T-ball in the near future! Biggrin

Went to my appt yesterday. I thought I'd popped--- indeed, I was measuring an extra 7 inches over the last month. Heh.

Got my u/s. It looks like B is having a little brother this Christmas! Biggrin

Looking forward to stuff cooling down so I can get back out for evening walks with B without it still being 100*+ at 7 or 8 pm.

We've been working on our ABC's and 123's. He was able to pick up letter-and-number recognition on his own from some of his toys, so now we're working on giving them meanings. His favorite number is 2 (all numbers are 2, if you ask him) and his favorite letter is "W". We were reading an I-Spy book from the library this afternoon, and he showed me a plastic "W" in one of the pictures--- and then flipped the book upside down and showed me that it was now an "M". Good job, little guy! Biggrin

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Sounds like B is doing great! That is exciting that you are having another boy, they are going to have so much fun together :). Thanks for updating!

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Congrats!! They will be buddies. That sounds so cute. Reminds me of Dakota.

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Yay for another boy, brothers will be so fun! I hope to have another boy some day.

Sounds like Mr Benjamin is doing so well. You are doing a great job teaching him and playing on his natural curiosity. K is right around where B is in terms of learning. He knows lots of letters, but he doesn't know the whole alphabet yet in order. K was counting to 20 like 3 months ago, but he has since reverted and likes to jumble all the numbers up. It is a little annoying because I know he can do it, but they are young yet so no need to worry. He even made up eleventeen the other day.

So cute about the t-ball thing. They will be 3 before we know it and starting sports leagues if we want them to.

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awww sounds like he's so cute and doing well, congrats on the boy! Js favourite letter was Q for quite a while - no idea where he got that from. I love this learning stage where you can really see the fruits of your labour.

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Congrats on having another boy! They will be best of friends I'm sure Smile

Too cute about the baseball pretending. Cooper and I just finished 7 weeks of parent and tot T-ball for 2's. It was hilarious to watch! A bunch of little toddlers, not really co-ordinated enough to actually play, they showed them how to throw, some would actually do it, some wouldn't(Cooper!) They got to bat off the T, and "field" the ball. In between they would do lots of running, stretching, rolling on the ground, etc. The downside was that the diamond was right next to the playground, so their attention got pulled from the ball to the slide and swings haha. I wasn't the only one who ran after their kid for half the time. Oh well, good exercise for me, right? Lol!

Cooper is starting with the ABC's, he gets A-B-C-E haha and then they are all mixed up. With numbers he is pretty solid up to 3, after that it's a crapshoot lol.