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Roll Call

I know most of us are on FB together, but lets not let the board die completely.

What are our LO's up to these days?

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Faith, I swear, is 2 going on 16. The girl definitely has an opinion and if hers difffers from yours she lets you know. LOL The eye rolling and no's are getting old already. She goes to a toddler group 1 day a week in which I am actually an assistant teacher. She's a little too smart for her own good. And what's with the not eating? Anyone else's decided food is poison?

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Cooper seems pickier these days too. Like he just will have a couple bites and then wander off. As I type it's 7:50 and his plate of taco stuff is still sitting on the table. And try as I might to NOT let him do it, he is a grazer. Ugh. Sierra was too, and I hated it. The fridge lock no longer works, as he has figured out that if he pulls the door hard enough, it pops open.

He is obsessed with candy.

He cannot stand it when he doesn't get his own way. "No mama!!" "No daddy!!"

If he goes for a time out I have to put him in his crib since he can open the door, and he has taken to throwing everything out of the crib onto the floor, including taking the pillowcase off the pillow, and removing the fitted sheet off the mattress. Sigh.

However, he is lots of fun. He loves to watch DVs, as he calls them, and is talking more and more every day.

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I think it's funny when Faith tries to copy her brothers. Like Dakota will act weird and fall on purpose and Faith tries to copy but she's not as graceful. Luckily she hasn't hurt herself yet.

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Jacob still eats like crazy but has been a bit pickier about dinner. He is still very clingy but is sooooo cute. He is very very polite and I've realised being home just how caring he is. He keeps asking nan if she is ok and checks on what she is eating.

Ummm he is still obsessed with trains, cars, bridges, tunnels. Anything and everything becomes a bridge at the moment.

His speech is great, he definitely has the American accent. What else can I say, he is having a great time in England and considering all the changes he has been through lately he is doing really really well.

I love him Smile

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That is cute that everything becomes a bridge. And cute about his "accent". I never think of myself as having an accent but I guess to some I do. But I will never sound as awesome as you do. Wink

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Mason is entering a very imaginative stage now, and its pretty cute to watch. Earlier today he was using a measuring tape to go fishing, some of the fish he would throw back, others he'd eat, and every time he caught a specific colored fish. And after that his tape became a butterfly net and he was catching butterflies lol. I love it. He's also at a very interactive age with his shows, Micky Mouse Clubhouse in particular. If they ask what a specific color or shape is he'll pipe up and tell them, or if they ask questions about which one to use he'll point to one, usually the right one, it's just really neat to watch. Andrea, Mason calls them DDDs, so he and Cooper are close lol. Most times he'll ask for a specific one though, like Woody & Buzz (Toy Story, any of them will do), or Monsters (Monsters, Inc), or the Fishies (Finding Nemo), or the Lions (The Lion King).

He is getting a bit of a back-talky attitude at times, but he's getting a bit better. Since he's resistant to naps these days on the days he doesn't nap its meltdown city starting around supper time until bed. He and Isaac both need to learn to share better, they both want whatever toy the other one is playing with. We're trying to teach Mason to pick up his toys, but as soon as he does Isaac tears everything apart again, so its an exercise in futility most days.

His eating hasn't been great lately, he hardly ever finishes all of his breakfast or supper, lunch seems to be the only time we don't have to fight with him, so I guess its just a phase.

I'm glad everyone else seems to be doing well. Smile

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Benjamin is a bundle of adorableness. He's developed a recent love for hay, windmills, machines, teapots, and school buses, on top of his preexisting love for choo-choos, sailboats, and fish. We're making great strides with the potty training (which we've been doing on-and-off all year, but have been working harder at recently). Got him a pair of yellow galoshes the other day from the baby thrift store (they're his "mud boots") and he's very proud of them. Let him come to a house renovation yesterday, and let him actually paint on the wall... he was very happy to get to really paint, and not just pretend-paint. Needless to say, he was a mess, his clothes were a mess, and the room was a mess when he was done, but he was still very happy. Blum 3

He's obsessed with cereal, particularly with Rice Krispies, and would eat it for every meal if I let him. He also has discovered the magic of popcorn with Grandma--- they watch baseball together and will go through two bags of it. (Half a bag goes to grandma; one-and-a-half bags end up in Benjamin.) His vocab is really taking off, and he's putting together three words or more now. His letter recognition has always been very good; still working on his numbers (he's still preoccupied with the number "2" and is reluctant to count on demand, although he can). He's fabulously helpful about putting x in the trash or putting y away; has gotten to the point where he can admit that he's sleepy and it's time for his pillow; has learned to take his cold medicine when he needs it (rather than needing to be held down and force-fed it) and will actually ask for it when he's feeling poorly; and can occasionally be bargained with (he's recognized cause-and-effect for quite a while now, but has taken it to a more mature understanding as of late).

So, yeah. It's really an adorable age. He's a total sweetheart and such a good little guy. I'm fabulously fortunate to have such an awesome little boy in my life. :bigarmhug:

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P is a big boy. He is about to surpass his big brother in weight. He's mamas boy and so sweet. He is starting to talk a lot! Copying his bro and starting to stick up for himself better Smile

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We are doing well over here. K talks my ears off most days and is developing a goof ball personality. I love that he can talk so much now. He rattles off sentence after sentence about what he did in class or whatever, and I just think about how it wasn't that long ago that he only had a handful of words.

He loves making me laugh. He is also an amazing big brother. He watches after Hailey all the time and makes an effort to help her when she needs it or to include her in his games without me having to ask him to.

We are fully potty trained now for a few weeks here which is so nice.

K also loves everything cars, trains, and trucks. He calls everything a tunnel. He crawls under tables and calls it a "table tunnel". He crawls through my legs and calls it a "mommy tunnel". I'm guessing Cat, that J is that way about bridges.

Midori - K is very reluctant to count on demand too. He can but he refused to for months. He is finally coming out of it again, but has actually regressed from lack of practice. He knows lots of shapes and 3d shapes like oval, hexagon, cube, pyramid etc. He doesn't know the alphabet song but he recognizes all upper case letters, and a few lower case ones. Those are a lot more confusing for him though. We haven't done too much work on recognizing numbers but he knows 1 and 8. . . and 0 I suppose.

I love how much he can learn at this age. I also love that he can communicate so well.

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Long time no speak! lol I have totally been MIA. It's been nice to read up on what everyone is up to. Lots of preggos I didn't know about! Congrats!

May is doing really well. She's talking up a storm and I'm always amazed at things she picks up so quickly. Slow going on potty training. She will go in the potty about half the time. I'm pretty sure if I made more of an effort she would go in it all the She sometimes does poos in the bathtub (like tonight)--usually right after she's been on the potty. Tonight she peed in the potty and 10min later pooped in the tub. Grrr...

Rory is 9months today. He's crawling like a pro and trying (and sometimes succeeding) in pulling himself to standing. May wasn't even crawling at this age, so I'm not used to having such a mobile baby. Trying to change him is like wrestling an eel. He flops over onto his tummy and tries to crawl off the changing table--or tries to hurl himself off it. He also eats about twice as much as May did at this age. He's a terrible sleeper--waking up to nurse every 2-3hrs. He has 8 teeth already. He's still a big boy, but hasn't sustained the weight %tile he was at birth (10lbs 13oz). He's dropped to about 70th in weight, but still in the 97th for length. Will get recent stats on Fri at his 9mo check up.

May is about 37" and 29lbs, so there are only about 5-6" and about 7lbs between them. They love each other and play well together. I recently started putting them in the bathtub together and they love it.

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great to hear from you Kim! You two are such cuties!

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I'm so glad everyone's LO's are going so good. And Kim it is so nice to see you here.