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It seems like only yesterday this was my little baby getting so big with his gross motor skills and becoming so aware of the world:

Now I have a wonderful toddler bubbling over with energy and personality. I also have this:

Slow down girl! Next you'll be telling me she's turning 2 also.

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You're going to have an early walker on your hands. I can't believe our babies are turning 2.

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Could be. Kaelan was the same age in his pic though and he didn't walk until 17 months :eek:. She definitely is a totally different kid though so I wouldn't put it past her at all.

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How sweet. I am in denial that Allyson turns 2 next week... simply is not possible.

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Our babies are so big, I can't believe Mason'll be 2 next month either!!! Isaac is a little pokey when it comes to hitting milestones, so I think that helps me feel less like his baby time is just flying away from me. Hailey seems to be a busy little baby though! Biggrin

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How sweet.. At least you have one that isn't walking yet.. Just want parker to stay little. they are growing way too fast!

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Dakota was like that too. Thought for sure he was going to be an early walker, but nope. Took him forever. Faith was a little more determined. You never know.

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It's crazy!

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IKWYM -my little baby IS 2 today! I feel like my oldest should be 2 still, and now my youngest it. It has gone SO fast!

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I agree! How can it have been two years! I feel like I was JUST pregnant, and now it is almost time to do it again :eek: Where did the time go?

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