You Can Now "Like" Us

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You Can Now "Like" Us

So in the changing of to better itself even more (how is that possible, it's already awesomeness at it's best) you can now like things.

Hi everyone!

As we continue to move forward with things for the site, we now have activated the ability for members to "Like" our content!!

Using the tabs at the top or from the homepage, visit the section you are most interested in:

"Getting Pregnant", "Pregnancy", "Labor and Delivery", "Baby and Beyond", "Topics A - Z", "Get Answers"(our experts section), or "Blogs"

From there, click on any (or several!) of our articles and click the "Like" button now located at the top of every article onsite!

This will help us increase awareness of the terrific content we have to offer!

I always wanted to be able to do that here.