finally saw the ob today!!

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finally saw the ob today!!

I finally saw my ob today! I love him!! I am measuring 32 weeks! :eek: HB's were good 146 and 152. He is all for a vag birth and totally understands my fear of a section. He is willing to do whatever to avoid one. He figures 38 weeks is the longest he wants me to go, if i make it that far. And he told me to be prepared to finish work the end of Feb/beginning of March! Wow! It seems so much closer now!!! My BP is borderline high so I have to keep an eye on it and then I see him again on the first of Feb.

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I'm glad everything is going well Kelly!

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That's awesome Kelly!

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Glad to hear things are going so well, Kelly! And I'm so glad your OB is fully supportive of a vag birth since that is what you want. Smile Good news all around!

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Yay! I can't believe you're that close!

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Glad things are going well for you, Kelly!!

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THat's wonderful! Did you ever find out what you[re haveing? ... Nevermind I just looked on FB. I bet the "shy" one is a girl! The shy ones are always girls!!
So will you have another u/s then?