Hair Pulling

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Hair Pulling

So my sweet little darling has a new favorite past time, hair pulling. My hair, Belle's hair, other kids at the gyms hair. She doesn't do it when she's mad but just to do it. The worst is my hair when she is in the Ergo. It has brought tears to my eyes before. Any thoughts on curbing this behavior? And no, I can't find a straight jacket that small. Smile

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duct tape? LOL!! just kidding. I don't really know. I think I would just keep telling her no and taking her hands away from the hair. I don't know if you agree or not but after a few times of me telling Calista no and removing her from what it is that she is doing that I don't want her doing I have tapped her hand. Nothing hard just enough to let her feel it

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Chloe went through a hitting stage not so long ago. She'd come up and just smack me (or anyone else she felt like) right in the face or wherever she could quickly make a blow. She's smile when she did it too! Ugh, little stinker!
When she did it I would hold her face with my hands (not hard of course) so that she had to look directly at me and I'd firmly say 'no' "no, we never ever hit!' and then I'd set her down and turn away from her and not talk/look at her for a minute or so.
Chloe cannot stand when I do that to her. It took maybe a week of all of us being super consistent and doing that before she stopped hitting. She hasn't hit me in at least a month, so I think it worked. I idea maybe?
I hope it stops soon!

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Consistency is key in however you choose to do it. I have also found that a well timed fake cry often surprises them and shows them that it "causes pain". Wink

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Ava went through a hair pulling phase/smacking my face phase. We did the 'give her no reaction' so she didn't think it was fun, I really think it seems more like a fun game when they get any reaction out of you.

We also refocused her smacking by showing her "soft" and show her how to touch things softly. She still likes to play with my hair but she doesn't pull it anymore which is nice and she doesn't smack anymore.

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Carson went through an aggressive stage. Sometimes he still reverts back to it, but I think we have it under control right now. I like the "reverse time-out". When he would hit me, I'd tell him that I don't like that, and I'd shut myself in another room for a minute or so. He would FREAK OUT. Removing myself from the situation worked great for him. As he got older, I sent him to his room and when he came out, I'd talk to him about why he got sent to his room and make him apologize and give a hug and a kiss. By that point, he was mostly being aggressive towards Jackson, so it would be him apologizing to Jackson.