Talking about talking

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Talking about talking

So MA has made huge strides in her spoken words in the past few weeks. She tells me when she wants something to drink, has asked for help, and even told us she has to go to the bathroom a few times.
She is FAR from verbal and still has less then 20, or maybe even 15 words. Other than repeating myself constantly, and making her say the word for what she wants instead of knowing and giving it to her, any other words of wisdom? Who's in the same boat?

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Hudson isn't really talking. He has unvoiced consonant sounds and signs and that's it. I had him evaluated for speech and one of the things the speech path said was if he says drink (or food or whatever it is he wants), try to immediately reward that with a drink. If he signs (or points or brings his cup, or you just know) delay the drink so your response is slower. The only thing we can get H to say using his voice is animal sounds. We are having his hearing checked. We don't know if he has issues with that, or it's just his personality, the not using his voice. We know he can use his voice, and has started repeating some things, I think he even said Mama twice now without being prompted. Hudson didn't qualify for speech because all the test items said does your child say, gesture, or indicate wants, etc. etc. Since he signs, he has communication. Sorry I'm not more help! We are definitely in the same boat and hoping for some answers soon!

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Gavin is making a lot of progress too but he still only has about 15 words. He is starting to repeat words after we say them a lot more. He is starting to use 'yes' 'no' 'ok' 'go' etc. in the right context. I am also noticing a lot of improvement in his receptive language.
I give him commands all the time just for fun 'get your ______' 'give it to mommy' and stuff like that, and he's started doing it more consistently. I've been trying to either make him say please or the word for the thing he wants before giving it to him but we aren't too successful with that yet. I don't know much else to do. I was worried about Gavin for awhile but I think he's ok now. Sounds like MA is too.