Thirty-One gifts party

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Thirty-One gifts party

Hey ladies!
I had a thirty-one gifts party last night and it was soooo much fun!
My friend just started her business and I didn't know you could order online, I thought you had to go to a party to buy it. I would have posted about it sooner had I known! Anyways, she is keeping my 'party' open until Friday and I just thought I'd post a link if anyone is interested in buying anything. No pressure or anything!!! Just wanted to share. Smile
Click on My Events and then click my name and then start shopping. Smile

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I went to one earlier this year and bought a purse. I really like it, and it seems to be holding up. I just thought I would let everyone know! Good luck!

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I love their stuff too. I bought some from my cousin a few weeks age-- I got the retro metro bag and it is great for a Cooper and Mom bag. The side pockets are great for snacks and sippies. I also got the large utility bag and it is awesome. It is perfect for putting groceries in in the back of my suv and they don't roll around while we are driving. I am think about getting one or two more of those, they are so handy. Smile