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Update on Us!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's been a while since i've been on here, but I do keep up with everyone on FB!!!

Me - I just finished my first semester of my job and it's going pretty great! I LOVE my job and what i'm doing. I have some of the best students I could have ever asked for! I currently don't know if i'll be kept on for the summer and/or fall, but right now NONE of the staff knows, so I don't feel so worried.

Kiernan - Development wise, Kiernan is doing great! He just learned to stand and walk all by himself! And boy is he proud of it! LOL! He's talking up a storm, he's very social, and moves at the speed of light! He eats a TON and always seems hungry for me! LOL Health wise, well, that's a different story. His height is 31" (60%) and his weight is 22lbs (25%). T he Dr was slightly concerned that he's so lean, but he said he'd rather have him lean than obese! We had tubes put in back in February and for about a month he was just fine, then he developed a cough. The cough started to sound bad, so I called the Dr. We spent 3 weeks in and out of the Dr's office and one trip to othe ER. They gave him 2 different steroids and nebulizer treatment, none of which helped at all. Then his ear started leaking a dark yellow fluid and I got upset. So, I called a new Dr (one that's been established in the community) and I absolutely love him! He's so good! He told me that the original diagnosis of Croup and Bronchiolitis doesn't stand now. He has an ear infection and a sinus infection on top of a really nasty cough. The first antibiotic didn't help the ears at all, so I called on Saturday and he, himself, called me back. He put him on a 2nd antibiotic and it started to work, but then this morning he woke up with a bleeding ear! So, I called the dr back and he was very concerned, so he told me to go see the ENT. The ENT said Kiernan had a really bad infection and he wants to monitor it closely. We're a little concerned that no antibiotics work on him!

However, if you watch Kiernan, you'd never know he was battling an infection! He's so happy ALL OF THE TIME!

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Aw poor Keirnan. I hope he gets better soon and they find the right antibiotics that work for him. Yay for his developmental milestones! Gavin is even skinner than Keirnan!

Glad to hear you like your job too Smile

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Searcy, I battled ear infections with my oldest son the first year as well, I know how trying it is on a new mom. I also put the tubes in and we also battled eczema as well. His eczema became so bad (started at 8 months old) that by 18 months he was in the hospital and almost died from a blood infection (his eczema often bled and became infected on his hands). It was THEN that I had a great paedatrician tell me to get him allergy tested as many times EI, eczema, asthma can be controlled with simple allergy testing. Turns out my poor kid was allergic to mites, smoke, carpet, eggs, dogs, cats, etc. We eliminated all these culprits .... got rid of the cat, made my ex-husband quit smoking, moved to a carpet free place and stopped feeding him eggs. It was like night and day with his health. He's now a happy (and extremely annoying) 12 year old that isn't allergic to anything except certain smoke (some fires will irritate him and others won't). He is even fine to eat eggs now as we were supposed to keep him away from all allergens for 3 years.

I'm not saying that Kiernan has allergies but it couldn't hurt to rule it out for peace of mind. I know you won't like hearing this also but formula fed babies often battle EI and eczema as well because formula is hard on their little systems and they get no antibodies from mom to protect them or colonize their bodies against these difficulties. I formula fed my first son and if I could go back and change things I would have never gave him any of it. All the children I've had since were breastfed and allergy tested and I haven't had any issues with EI, eczema, anything... I know there are many kids that are formula fed and have zero issues but for some with a pre-disposition it sets them over the edge.

I enjoy seeing your posts on Facebook you're a great mom, keep up the good work!

Forgot to mention... wow on the weight! Clara is 25lbs and she was one of the real lightweights around here the first year! She's become a real foodaholic though since I weaned her but still isn't walking and burning off anything! My doctor said it's best for babies to be three times their birthweight by one year (give or take a lb).

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Thanks Sally! Yea, the Dr mentioned we might want to get Allergy tested, and given my unique allergies, I think we will soon. I'm not sure it is asthma now because his cough is clearing up with the cough/cold medicine the Dr gave us. If I could have BF for longer, I would have. As for being 3 times his birthweight, Kiernan's been stuck at 22 lbs for about 3 months now, LOL.

I LOVE the picture of all the "future farmers"!!!! How's the pregnancy going?

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I'm glad to hear that Kiernan is doing well. I also keep up with you on FB so I saw that he started walking. It's so funny how we have little babies on this board. MA is also just at 22 lbs but eats like it's her job! I hope the allergy testing reveals an easy answer for you guys, super sick all the time is no fun. Belle had a cough for almost 4 months until we changed daycares. Cleared up within a week or so. My guess was mold but who knows. The pics of him are so cute!

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Sorry you're having such difficulties with Kiernan right now. Sad That really sucks. I hope they're able to figure out what's going on with him soon.

As a side note: I've got you all beat! (not sure I'm proud of it...) Carson was a measly 18lbs 15 oz at a year, and 20lb 8oz at 15 months. He didn't hit 22lbs until 18 months! lol!

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Glad to hear that you are doing well Searcy and enjoying your new job!
Hopefully they can get Kiernan's ears and stuff figured out soon, that must be so frustrating for all of you!
I also keep up with you on Facebook. How exciting that Kiernan is walking now!!
Calista is also a skinny minny! She was 18.12 at her 1 year! Smile

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Glad to hear Kiernan is doing great developmentally. (I, too, "stalk" you on facebook. ;)) I hope his ears get better. What a bummer.

Yeah, Halloway has slimmed down tons too - to a mere 21 lbs. But that's average I think.

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Glad to 'see' you again Searcy. I hope K gets better soon. I also keep up with you on FB and saw the video of K walking. Wtg Kiernan!!!

I have to just laugh at all of you who have 'skinny' babies! Chloe is by far the peanut of this board. She's just over 19lbs now. She was 18lbs. 15oz at 1 year! Although, that is 3x her birth weight of 6lbs 4oz! We weighed her last week and she was 19lbs 2oz. She's over 32 long too. So yeah....she's really skinny. I wouldn't worry about K at all!! Smile

Hope the infection clears up soon and that your job keeps you on.

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Great pics, he has changed so much!
Noel is little too 18lbs 13?oz at 12 mos. She *might* be over 20lbs now.
I hope you get his ear situation figured out! That would be scary but glad he doesn't seem bothered by it!

Tera, Noel was over 8lbs at birth so definitely not a trend w/ her!
Heather (Heatherbella) on the Feb board's daughter Kennedy was like 16lbs at 1 year, she is even smaller than Chloe!!