10 weeks... when did that happen!

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10 weeks... when did that happen!

I just looked at my ticker and can't believe it said 10 weeks! Seriously, didn't it say 4 weeks yesterday?? Pregnancy is so weird. The whole first trimester you just keep wanting to get it over with so you are in the "safe" zone and start feeling better. The second trimester you try to get a lot done since that is supposed to be the "easy" part of pregnancy. By the third trimester you feel like you have been pregnant forever and wonder if you really still do have toes since you can't see them anymore, unless you suddenly decide the ability to breath isn't that important and you bend over to see if they are still there. The whole time all you want is to see and hold your baby. Then once you do have the baby you are sad because you have to now share the baby with everyone and you miss the little kicks that were all yours when you were still pregnant. You take the baby home, wake up in the morning and it's already time to celebrate LO's first birthday.

OK I'm done with my rambling for the day. I just can't believe it's already been 6 weeks since I found out.

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It really does fly by! And then all of the sudden you are sending your oldest to 3rd grade when it seems like literally yesterday that you got your positive test with that pregnancy Sad I am trying as hard as I can to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy!

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Yeah time has really been flying by for me too!

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Since this is my last pg, I am really trying to enjoy it and not rush it along. Since I have been feeling so great it makes that easy. Smile

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I'm with you, Lindsay...trying to enjoy every minute since this is my last. But it's already going by so fast! Second trimester is just around the corner already!

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No kidding!! All of the sudden I'm at 9 and feel almost out of the danger zone!! The next 30 weeks are going to fly!!

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Not me! I can't get to the 2nd trimester fast enough. I don't think I will get excited until we get there. I think its because we just don't want to be disappointed again. It seems like it's taking forever....We really want to be out of the "danger zone".